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Kiss 400 Radio crackle

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  • Kiss 400 Radio crackle

    confused Can anyone help smhair
    Aircreation Kiss 400 with 582 Blue top.
    I have a crackle through my radio, driving me nuts.
    It seems to be what someone described as "airborn" ie its coming from the engine above around 4000 rpm. It is picked up through the arial (ariel on the king post). Its not the spark plugs I did that a long time back.
    If I turn the squelch right up full and more or less kills it off, but this isn't solving the problem.
    The crackle seems to fade away during different lenght flights, so is it the rectifier/something to do with the battery charging.
    If it was the mag/ignition it would not fade away.
    Does the rectifier need an earth strap to a better earth?
    Does the screened cable from the ariel need to be replaced?

    I think this should be a problem of the engine/wires not the make of machine but I will post it also in the general tech talk section as well.

    Many thanks
    Tall Paul

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    Kiss 400 Radio crackle

    to help cut out various" systems" try disconecting and isolating the engine altenator wires(yellow and yellow/black),in the connection box.
    this will allow your coms to work "off the battery" but take the reg/rec and alt. out of the equation. still crackling? then maybe an
    ignition module starting to have problems,,,,,,electrolytics go crackle as they dry out,,,and die
    yes there should be an earth off the reg/rec body to a good earth.


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      Kiss 400 Radio crackle

      Paul when did this problem start, do you think it could be a breakdown of a plug lead?