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    Hi all you Mistral owners out there,

    after quite a bit of searching and a very helpful motor cycle shop here in Bristol we have managed to locate sets of pistons and seals for the Grimeca Calipers. My calipers were totally seized but I've now managed to get them apart and rebuild them using the new bits found.

    Let me know if you would like the part numbers or if you'd like me to get them for you.

    Also my Brake Discs are very badly pitted which is why the pads were wiped out so Kev Armstrong has very kindly produced a cad drawing which I've sent to a company who are making me my new discs, the more I buy the cheaper they get so if anyone would like a set (150mm dia, centre hole 50mm, 4 x 5mm fixing holes set 63mm diagonally) these will be made from 304 stainless steel which should stop the awful rusting we get due to being outside and little brake use.

    1 pair 58.16 + vat & delivery
    2 pair 33.08 + vat & delivery per pair
    4 pair 23.06 + vat & delivery per pair

    So you see a good saving if we join forces.

    Any takers?


    Graham (GeeJay)

    Attached files graham-brake-disc-dimensioned-model-1.pdf (10.9 KB)
    Graham Jefferies
    BMAA member no: 6885.