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  • MYRO's new home

    MYRO is now down in the Dordogne waiting for me to make my final move there. I left Stoke on Friday morning on a flight plan to Abbeville and after closing that and topping up my tanks from the jerries I had on board, I made the rest of the trip in three more legs stopping at Le Gault St Denis and Dave and Amanda Lord's Wanafly. A very kind guy arranged fuel for me at Le Gault just on the strength of a phone call out of the blue from me a few days before and I also uplifted more at Wanafly where I overnighted. I had a bit of a weather delay on Saturday while a front cleared my destination but I arrived there safely in the late afternoon and MYRO is now safely tied down on the airfield that I'll be sharing with an English Tanarg owner who has helped me all along the way from the time I first thought about making the move.

    I'm now back sorting out my move at both ends and when I get there in a week or so's time I'll be putting MYRO onto the French register so I'll be free to fly how I want to and not according to the fatuous 'rules' of the UK system that I have now been a victim of for the two years that I've been in microlighting and had MYRO under permit. I have to say that my experiences on that score did influence my decision to make the move as I want to retire and fly much more and I only see things getting even worse here. It'll be like a breath of fresh air.

    BobT started a thread about my flight without me knowing over on Vince's forum and since then I've added a blog account of the journey to it. I'll be putting a more detailed account on my own blog eventually when I have time. I enjoyed every minute of it and wouldn't have missed it for anything :-)

    In my time in microlights I've made some good friends and there will be people who I will miss and hope to bump into in the future. There are many others who I know only from my contacts with them on the forums who I had hoped to meet at some time but now to my sadness probably never will. And there are also others, some in positions of authority within the microlighting movement, for whom I have a complete disregard and total lack of respect. Probably the feeling is mutual, but at least I have done something about it and will now no longer have to bother about them or their trivialities.

    Good wishes to all the good guys. You know who you are! To the others (and you know who you are too), aw shucks, who cares......