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Mice can Hurt your Aircaft

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  • Mice can Hurt your Aircaft

    AX2000 attacked by mice.

    On arrival to carry out a permit on an AX2000 I found the following :-

    Fuel lines nibbled, Electrics Nibbled, Rubber on Plug Caps and Rubber parts on Carbs Nibbled.

    Owner was informed and to get the stuff fixed. It was due to come to the workshop for a fix but owner decided to Fix the Fuel lines only and run it .

    He did this against recomendations to thouroughly check and fix the wiring before it was to be run again. in other words do not start the aircraft or enrgise any of the electrics.

    Fuel still lingering in the pod after changing the Fuel lines, Dodgy Electrics, :jumpin:

    Result is what you see below. !!!!!

    This happend with him sat in it, engine running and tanks half full.!!

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    Mice can Hurt your Aircaft

    What a horrible picture Mark, in our hangar one of our flexwing types fights a running battle with the little pests.

    The only time I had a problem with the TST was when I covered the cockpt area then I had a nibbled cushion and a load of little black telltales. I binned the cover and the flexi owner who leaves his pod uncovered in the same hangar has never had a problem, maybe the AXs are too comfy and they do seem to love snugly covered flexi pods



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      Mice can Hurt your Aircaft

      Sad way to lose an aircraft - hope the owner got out alright.


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        Mice can Hurt your Aircaft

        Yeah, he got out ok, thankfully. Unfortunatly he gave up flying after this.