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Photos of customer trike under preparation.

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  • Photos of customer trike under preparation.

    Hi thought I would post some photos of a customers trike under preparation. Note the subtle differences to the trike. Alloy mains etc
    and a few weight saving measures. Also the engine mount is lower with a longer reduction unit to give a lower center of gravity to the trike.
    All the best Paul.

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    Photos of customer trike under preparation.

    Looking Good Paul, but just a quick pointer. The wing goes on the other way round. :tongue:




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      Photos of customer trike under preparation.

      awwwwwww blooooooody hell!! wondered why all the stall ,cruise etc speeds had a - infront of them thought it was just a seperating - not a minus! That will be why the test pilot in the front view is looking a bit sheep ish then!
      All the best Paul.


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        Photos of customer trike under preparation.

        Very posh, if I had the cash I'd buy one.

        I noticed the first picture...does it come with a free dog?


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          Photos of customer trike under preparation.

          You buy it and ill get you the puppy! Cheers Paul


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            Photos of customer trike under preparation.

            Hello Paul

            Whose engine mount is that? Made by Janos or the owner? Very neat and clean. If you need CAD drawings making up give us a shout.

            Fuel tank; USA FAR 103 regs limit size, so that'll be upgradeable then for the UK. Wonder if an old Mainair underseat will fit; loads of them around (I've one in the workshop).

            Has he weighed it to say exactly how much weight he's been able to shed?

            Brackets are still steel, small savings to be had swapping them for alloy Mainair Flash items.

            How many flying with the Briggs conversion? Think Bill Brooks has flown an A/C with one fitted.

            Forks look to have potential for being lightened, maybe salvaged mountain bike units?

            BMAA 5696

            "If anybody ever tells you anything about an aeroplane which is so bloody complicated you can't understand it, take it from me: it's all balls."

            R.J. Mitchell :- Designer of the Supermarine Spitfire


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              Photos of customer trike under preparation.

              Hi Kev,
              Mount made to my requests by Janos, after listening to your ideas about lower center of gravity and running it past Spokes,from the incoparating it into the trike point of view we asked Janos to do the actual manufacture. It is actually the unit he normally makes but lowered and a top brace added to give a lower centre of gravity. Spokes atually designed and built the origanal mount but it is better after we have knocked the bugs out of it to have the manufacturer build them with the trike.
              Had to have a longer re drive designed and made to keep the thrust line the same. I have been promised drawings from Janos but if they don't turn up ill give you a shout, thanks.
              He has told me what he says he has saved but Ill let you know when I have weighed it myself, been caught out by manufactures claims before!

              Bill has done a full evaluation of the engine and given some good feed back, all recommendations made by Bill have been implemented.
              I have added some air cooling ducts and anti icing system. Bill has given it the thumbs up, so much so that it is now an option on there SSDR Magic trike. He confirms 4.5 liters per hour at cruise and 6.5 at full power. Which is better then our claims!
              I have several engines flying now, not taking into account other sales on none microlight stuff there are 3 trikes flying. Plus another 2 in the making. There are also an Eindeker being built, an Escapade kid under consideration, and several others whom have expressed interest but not come back yet. Interest has also been shown from a couple of ppc company's. Hop[ng to get the engine on a few different types then we can organize a meet up at one of the big flyins possibly.
              The general impression that the engine is very quite has also shown though with a rating of 54 db with the helix prop.
              OK now here is a question for any one out there. If I could produce a engine of the same configuration has this one but possibly with fuel injection, but which developed 50 hp at under 4500 rpm, what is the heaviest that would be acceptable? I know we would all like one that is 1 kg but what people accept?
              All the best to all.
              Paul R.