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  • Chevvron #038 logging in. I think my MZCK was one of the planes involved in a lawsuit brought against Aviation Enterprises. Something to do with weight. The owner of MZCK more or less destroyed or lost all documentation. Further more the fire at Aviation destroyed one of the log books. Can anyone help me with her history? Another matter: Why did the FO Tillotoson carb never exist? Just contact Tillotson: they never heard of it. Cabin smells of fuel but no signs of it. Reluctant to fly until sorted out.

    MJ in Cornwall

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    Evening Mike, The carb was a basic tillotson body modified to suit the koenig (modified throttle butterfly and bracket welded on the floatbowl for the controll cables ) not sure if it was done by angus or koenig, Im sure if you borrowed one a copy could be made using a tillotson body as a start.
    Fuel smell, check the crossfeed tap between the tanks or the vent tubes (only lockwired on). Other one is the glands either side of the cabin fuel tap, under a gentle positive pressure and if the pipe has been tweaked they will gently weep (and smell).
    Pip Pip Ian H


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      Thanks Ian, I'll look that direction. Thanks for the help.