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pipistrel sw vs CT

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  • pipistrel sw vs CT

    pipistrel sw vs CT
    could some aerodynamicist explain to us how come shows a 75% cruise of 147KIAS, when they look broadly similar to CT2K, never mind the SW and LS? Is it frontal area? having flown the motor glider version, the cabin is definitely less spacious, although I would not go so far as to say it is cramped. That difference is unreal, given that power required for flight rises with the cube of the speed

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    pipistrel sw vs CT

    It (Pipistrelle Virus)has been comprehensively independently tested by the CAFE foundation, and got the highest effciency scores ever awarded.

    Their testing is super thorough and super scientific calibrations are made of everything. I think the results are kept and available. they have a good website

    As far as the Virus is concerned it is quiyte a bit more slender than the CT and has lots of attention to detail - surface finish, airfoil accuracy (and I think its a laminar section), gaps and interfernce drag.

    For me its motor glider brother the Sinus is the exquisite one, and it won a couple of microlight world champs a few years back in teh hands of Phillippe Zen. I saw him once switch off at less than 1000' beat up the strip to deck level - pull up to 500' and set up for a circuit - fly two 360's on the downwind and then use airbrakes to land on the spot. Ridiculous efficiency, and super powerful controls too, all in a microlight package..!



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      pipistrel sw vs CT

      LATEST NEWS 23 Mar 2010
      Virus SW 100 available as EASA PtF (600 kg MTOW)!
      After a year of hard work EASA approved the Virus SW 100 with the LSA PtF Form 18B technical approval.
      The Virus SW 100 can now fly as an EASA PtF LSA in Europe, taking advantage of the 600 kg MTOW.

      looks interesting, pity about their names, Sinus and Virus

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