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Soft Start Module

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  • Soft Start Module

    Wondering if anyone has fitted one, and how to arrange the wiring to have the required single magneto operating while cranking.

    The instructions recommend against using a separate switch to knock off one mag IIRC.

    It would be nice to integrate it with the key switch starter, which could easily be done with a spare extra stack of contacts on the shaft.

    The spring return position which is selected while cranking could open a contact feeding the second mag, and close again when released.

    It may be possible to rearrange the wiring on the starter switch, so that only one mag is on while cranking, but I don't see how that could be simply done. Any ideas?

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    Soft Start Module

    When fitted you have a seperate starter tit fitted . The engine is fired up on mag one and switched to both mags after a couple of secs. Chris .