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Sherwood KUB 50 hp an ideal single seat STOL

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  • Sherwood KUB 50 hp an ideal single seat STOL

    The Sherwood KUB now has a 50hp Hirth engine option, to say it has transformed the aircraft is a bit of an understatement. With true STOL capability utilising proper ailerons and flaps and with new oversize tundra tires the KUB is now fit for operation just about anywhere and would make a demon spot landing aircraft. The cockpit is spacious, and fully enclosed, windows can be left open in flight or removed, it even has behind seat luggage capability so a bit of touring is easily on the cards.

    Available as both kit and finished aircraft, why not come and have a look, 8 to 10 week delivery, all made in the UK

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    Sherwood KUB 50 hp an ideal single seat STOL

    What a lovely little aeroplane. Does it have an engine cowling it looks as if something is missing!
    How about some figures ie TO roll, Landing roll, distance to clear 50ft, cruise speed @ fuel burn and pilot + luggage weight. Also expected build time, in hours for average builder.


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      Sherwood KUB 50 hp an ideal single seat STOL

      Hi Nick

      Due to the engine size and configuration needs it has a top half cowling and a partial side cowling but no lower cowl, still looks pretty sweet and very utilitarian which is the way we like it, it is a get in anywhere aircraft.

      TO rolls currently with a 5 knot headwind have been short, really short, less than a cricket pitch with a 90kg pilot, landing roll about 50 mtrs at very most on grass without using the brakes (more accurate figures yet to come as soon as we have time to test them) climb rate approx 1000 feet per minute. Fuel burn around the 10 to 11 tr, pilot up to 110kg, baggage 5 to 8 kg just check W&B and max take off. Kit build really depends on how good you are, we aim to deliver in 8 to 10 weeks that is making from raw materials, looking how they are going together I would say about 4 to 6 weeks work and you should be flying. There is a fast build wing, aileron and flap option which should cut 2 weeks off the assembly time. As they are in production now we are getting rid of any builder issues as we go.

      Great aircraft great fun, look out for the flight tests in the mags, or if you are serious pop over and have a look

      Kind regard