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Flash 2 Alpha (503 SCSI) Cruise RPM

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  • Flash 2 Alpha (503 SCSI) Cruise RPM

    Hi all,

    Quick question. I have just re-pitched the prop on my alpha (new bolts) to the setting specified in the manual. Flies fine, but I think it's revving a bit high in the cruise. I've only recently bought the aircraft, so don't know what the typical was before re-pitching. It's perfectly flyable, but don't want to burn more fuel than I need to.

    My question is- what RPM do you find you get from your alpha in the cruise, both solo and two-up? I'm running a 503SCSI with a 3 blade warp drive.

    Also, if known, what pitch have you set it to?



    p.s. First flight in it since I've bought it, flies great! Very pleased - better feeling than first solo!

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    Flash 2 Alpha (503 SCSI) Cruise RPM

    Hi Mark,

    Aren't Alphas great 8-) they just love to fly.

    Mine is a single carb 503 with a WarpDrive prop pitched at 113 deg. Max revs an indicated 6400 rpm.
    Solo cruise 5000 rpm ( 9 lt/hr ) and dual at 5200 rpm ( 12 lt/hr ).

    Enjoy your flying,



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      Flash 2 Alpha (503 SCSI) Cruise RPM

      Thanks Alan, just what I was looking for. I've taken the wrong value out of the TADS and set it a little fine. Thanks


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        Flash 2 Alpha (503 SCSI) Cruise RPM

        Mark mine similar to Alans....I get 5000 solo 5500 2 up....I find the tachs over read a few hundred RPMs I check mine with a hand held laser tach,

        Mines set to 6250 static,

        DCDI. 10lts ph solo 15lts 2 up.

        "When once you have tasted will forever walk with your eyes turned skywards..."