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Flash 2 Alpha wing strip guide

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  • Flash 2 Alpha wing strip guide

    How do all.

    With summer, dry weather and some time booked off work all coming into perfect alignment, I am planing to conduct a wing strip/inspection on my Flash 2 Alpha wing (fitted to a Mercury trike). The wing has completed a mere 300 hours, is flown regularly and has just passed its annual so I am not expecting any horrors, but it is 23 years old and has passed through several owners so I feel a thorough check over would be prudent. Living at the "affordable" end of flying, I am planning on doing this myself, however I have never undertaken anything like this before.

    Does anyone know of a step-by-step guide to stripping, inspecting and rebuilding a Flash 2 Alpha wing? Or could anyone provide me with some advice? I keep the plane derigged so am quite comfortable with the components and general layout of the wing - I just don't have a clue where to start with dismantling and what I am looking for once I get in there! Also any thoughts on which wires or any other bits I should consider replacing considering its age?

    Any help would be very gratefully received.

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    Flash 2 Alpha wing strip guide

    1. Take note of the position of the two cord straps that surround the rear of the keel. They are different lengths and are held in place by two fiberglass battens near the sail keel pocket.

    2. Roger at P&M told me that the sail's nose screws are put in last. Don't be tempted to drill new holes for these screws.

    3. If the leading edge insert felt is creased suggest that you buy two new ones. It took four P&M guys to put on a new sail for my Flash IIa using the original inserts. The leading was too uneven and new inserts were fitted.

    Best of luck


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      Flash 2 Alpha wing strip guide

      I have stripped Blade, and quantum wings, for Inspection purposes quite a few times, my rule of thumb is to remove as much as you can fron the top of the sail first, whilst slightly opened out...
      I then open wing out and place it on 4 chairs /stands at each point ( so I can get at the control wire fixings from under it..)

      roll wing over on the floor

      remove nose/covering screws, with wing closed !!
      remove control frame [trying to keep it in 1 piece]

      open out the wing and have a good long check that you have removed everthing !!!

      ... then gently remove the covering by bringing the frame though the zipped / velcro opening in the wing ( nose to hangpoint area )

      when rebuilding, I often "insulate tape" loose items ...cords ect, gently in place so they dont snag on the way back.

      2 helpers aid rebuilding... and it is a process of reversal....

      generaly takes me about 6 to 8 hrs to strip / check / rebuild


      MUST be checked by Inspector on completion !!!


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        Flash 2 Alpha wing strip guide

        Thanks for your help chaps. Are there any nuts/bolts/nylocs that will need to be replaced as a matter of course during the rebuild that I can have preordered and ready to install? I am worried that once dismantled I could be waiting a while for parts to turn up wasting the aforementioned alignment of weather and time off work!!!


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          Flash 2 Alpha wing strip guide

          Use your phone or digital camera to take lots of photos prior to, and as, you dismantle.
          Keep a note of order of dismantle, as it's easy to re-assemble in the wrong order, entailing a second try.
          Masking tape and Sharpie to sketch labels at joints to show direction of bolt and order of washers, packing pieces, nuts, etc.
          As well to have a few 1/4 and 5/16UNF Nylocks to replace any that have lost stiffness (if you can turn them using fingers).
          (I think all threads on Mainair wings are UNF.)
          A few new (1/16"??) split pins.
          From memory, you need to be replacing crosstube-leading edge bolts, and the crosstube hinge bolt.
          Large clean sheet/carpet to work on.