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Front wheele suspension problem...

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  • Front wheele suspension problem...

    Some advice please.....
    I have noticed that on the front wheel
    The suspension block which consists
    Of a rubber/plastic/rubber/plastic unit.
    One of the rubbers have sliped over the
    Plastic spacer.the casing around the wheele
    Section make it difficult to get to the
    Any suggestions how to to approach this

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    Front wheele suspension problem...

    Hi Colin

    I have seen the nose leg rubbers rings "jumping" over the nylon washer on about 4 or 5 C42's over the years and it is always caused by a very heavy nose wheel landing or porpoising. At first I found it hard to believe this was the cause as it takes some imaging but all owners confirmed that their C42 had suffered a very heavy nose landing prior to noticing the problem which could have been be weeks or months before is it is not obvious and hard to spot.

    The only solution is to remove the nose leg and clean and re-position the rings in the correct order - see attached drawing from the build manual. It is also necessary to carefully check the stainless steel brackets that hold the outer square nose leg support tube onto the main tube, as depending on the severity of the nose wheel impact, the brackets and or main tube may be distorted or the rivets come loose.

    On older C42's the oil tank breather pipe was vented above the nose wheel and this could help the "jumping" as the rubbers were lubricated with oil mist. Later C42's after around 2006/7 have the oil breather pipe routed to a small plastic bottle attached to the firewall behind the oil tank to catch the oil.

    I recommend doing this before the next flight as with 1 rubber displaced there are now only 2 rubbers to absorb the shock, so another heavy landing could more serious damage

    Hope this helps


    Red Aviation

    Attached files nose-leg.pdf (116.4 KB)


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      Front wheele suspension problem...

      Hi Macolm
      Many thanks for the prompt reply,I will ring you Monday if I may.
      To discuss options


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        Front wheele suspension problem...

        [Thanks for all who continue to post here; working on how to fly a C42 again]


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          Front wheele suspension problem...

          All sorted.....
          Many thanks to Malcolm.