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  • Top rebound rubber

    The top rebound rubber ( top of front leg) needed replacing on my Jab and a tip off the guys on the Jabiru forum saves loads of time and grief, you don't need to remove the leg to replace the rubber, as recommended by Jabiru, instead if your plane is on a trolly, as mine is, then if you use a tie down ratchet strap you can go over the top of the leg (there is a gap in front of the rubber) and around the trolly to pull down on the leg tacking off the tension, you can't get all the tension off alone you need to enlist the help of someone to pull down on the centre of the prop to give that extra compression needed. then undo the retaining bolt and replace....simples.

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    Top rebound rubber

    Finally got to replace the rebound rubber today, it's not as easy as we first thought, we (my son Lee and I) removed it as described above with the use of a ratchet strap to take the tension off but getting it back together is a different matter. I think if your front wheel is not sitting on a strong platform that you can ratchet down to then you would never get the rubber back on, you may do if you left out the small collar that the retaining bolt goes through, but Jabiru calls for the small collar to be fitted above the washer. My son and I both have engineering back grounds and we had to call upon some lateral thinking to get the job done. We soaked the rubber in hot water for twenty minutes to soften it along with the top washer (to keep the heat in) and had to use some 20" grips along with the ratchet to get the rubber to compress enough to get the top bolt in place.
    Looks much better now, no cracks, the inspector will be pleased