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Quantum mid-life update and nosewheel mudflap.

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  • Quantum mid-life update and nosewheel mudflap.

    Hello all,

    I had an interesting telephone conversation with Andrew Cranfield at P&M this morning and he told me there are some significant new mods about to be announced regarding updating the Quantum range. I don't have full details yet, but they include a new larger windscreen and updates to the trim-system to make it more effective by using a bungee-type mechanism. This will apparently raise the cruise speed so Quantums can more easily keep up with Quiks etc. It all sounds very interesting, so does anyone have any more details yet?

    My initial call to P&M was to enquire about the price of the mesh prop/radiator guard know by P&M as the "Fishing net", but apparently the guard causes significant drag when fitted so is not the best solution. As I operate off a grass-strip and have recently shelled out over 400 for a new radiator, it seemed like a good idea to protect it. However, apparently there is a better solution in the form of a nosewheel mudflap which is much cheaper and prevents debris thrown up by the nosewheel from hitting the prop or radiator. Price to be confirmed, but it's around 30 total and suitable for Quiks and Quantums.

    I'll add more details as and when I find out.


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    I'm led to believe the major stuff will be for Quantums with the newer sails with the black Technora reinforcing strip. When the new sail gets fitted the hands off trim can go up by up to 10 mph, so it makes sense to make the most of it and maybe trim back with a bungee to slow the wing up and provide pitch assistance as the newer machines have. Hopefully there will be an easier way of doing it than the electric motor and trim indicator.

    I've got a stone guard and there is a small penalty in terms of engine RPM to maintain cruise, about 100 rpm. I prefer it closer to the prop like it as sometimes stuff is disturbed and bounces up.

    There may also be aerofoil shaping for uprights, kingpost and rear suspension. Could also be a further forward hang point to be used in conjunction with the bungee.

    All speculation, I have no connection with P&M.