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quasar 582 with 980 hrs or quantum 912 with 1200 hrs?

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  • quasar 582 with 980 hrs or quantum 912 with 1200 hrs?

    Dear microlight friends,

    I am Will from Holland and came accross 2 trikes for sale, namely a pegasus quasar 582 (silver top) with 980 hrs for 3500 EUROS and a quantum 912 with 1200 hours for 8500 EUROS.
    Both are registered in Holland and ready-to-fly. I estimate I will be flying max 50 hours per year. The plan is to use the trike for mini-adventures accross Holland, for example from the northern provinces to the south, and to the Wadden Islands (with ~20 minute water crossings). The quasar 582 was part of a demo team and has always be well maintained (on condition). The Quantum 912 on condition as well, no upgrades were done on the engine to extend TBO from 1500 to 2000 (or perhaps the TBO of this particular engine is1200 hrs). Myself I have flown 582 trikes in South Africa and 912's in Brazil. But with the type of flying in Holland that I have in mind, what would be the best choice? The price difference is 5000 EUROS. Both engines have a considerable amount of hours, but can still give many years of excitement. Appreciate your view.

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    Hi Will, is it possible for you to fly both machines. I sugest that if possible you try to find which of the two feels right for you. Despite the partisans of various types there realy is not a "one size that fits all" and we all have our individual preferances. Both machines sound as if they could be what you are looking for, but if you could fly both I'm sure that you will find one that will do what you want.
    It may be as well to contact the new parts supplier to make sure that they plan to have full parts availability for both types.
    But whatever have fun!


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      Thanks Ginge. I was a bit surprised to learn that no one in The Netherlands seems to do TBO of 2 strokes (~300 hrs). Basically maintenance on condition. How many hours have you seen fellow microlight pilots getting out of 2-strokes? Looks like the strategy is to fly 'm till ~1500 hrs and then replace the whole engine. Regards, Wil


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        As a long time 2 stroke owner (503) I can only say what I do and it has always worked for me.
        Before 300hrs on a crank every 20hrs I use the bearing test kit. After 300hrs I up the the rate of test to every 10hrs. What I look for is an accelerating rate of wear then I fit a new crank or have the crank rebuilt, which seems to be as good as I fit new main and small end bearings at the same time. When carring out the check I do a compression test at the same time, worn bores if the engine is cared for seem to show at about 1000hrs to 1200hrs. That though is an aircooled 503 with port driven induction, which I would expect to wear rather more than than with the valve induction and water cooling.
        I am not sure where the test kit is available from these days as I got mine many years ago from Skydrive, I'm sure that somebody else will have them now but I don't know who. Well worth having for any Rotax 2 stroke owner and not particularly expensive