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Rear Struts: Grease Sliders

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  • Rear Struts: Grease Sliders

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    about to undertake a 200 hour service to a Quik and from servicing schedule:-

    REAR STRUTS: Grease Sliders

    I have consulted the manual and associated parts listing but (despite 40 odd years servicing aircraft) cannot make any sense of the lubrication explanation versus the component parts????

    As any one undertaken this work activity and can provide some 'direction' (Quik has aerofoil struts)?


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    Rear Struts: Grease Sliders

    Many thanks for phone call Andy (Buchan),

    I will post again with outcome of activity!



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      Rear Struts: Grease Sliders

      Was a response, explanation or some 'direction ever posted to this thread?

      Can it be found in another thread?

      I should perhaps do the same job to my GT450 and I was hoping to learn something useful


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        Rear Struts: Grease Sliders

        Did the 'grease sliders' at the 200 hour and there are some bits of information 'that do not come through the instructions' (being polite).

        From memory:-

        Removing the struts requires the wing off and the trike positioned against a structure to which it can be secured (to stop the trike falling over in the direction of the removed strut - do one at a time turning the trike round).

        With a strut off the trike first loosen the lock nut at the top eyebolt and screw the eyebolt 'out' about 1/2 to 1 turn (this takes off a 'pre loading' that is applied to the rubber spring).

        Remove the 2 countersunk screws half way down the strut (they will be tight) - the rubber spring and slider can now be extracted cleaned examined and re-greased.

        Reassembly is the reverse i.e position the slider in the strut (locating the countersunk bolt holes) - fit the countersunk bolts (torque loaded and loctite) - apply a 1/2 to 1 turn 'in' on the eyebolt to preload and lock with locknut.

        Note: The 1/2 to 1 turn quoted is 'my assessment' P&M didn't provide any exact figure.

        If you have any more questions send me a PM and I'll give you my mobile number.