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How to improve roll and pitch response - mild buyers remorse

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  • How to improve roll and pitch response - mild buyers remorse

    Hi I was hoping someone might be able to give me pointers. My GT's handling is the exact opposite of what the marketing material says "light and precise". I find the aircraft to be very heavy in roll and pitch and fatiguing to fly in anything but smooth weather. She has a newish sail with the bottom vents.

    My trim speeds are
    Slow (2 bars from the top) - 58Mph - good luck pulling any bar VERY tight
    Fast (All the way to the bottom) - 71Mph
    Stall 40mph - Very gentle
    Bar in - 80Mph max

    - I have tried covering up the bottom vents with dacron strips and putting the wing tips back on (Noticeably better).
    - I have tried removing the dacron strips, twisting the tips to the highest marking (lifts the back, increase washout) and flying without wingtips - (wish there was an easier way as I struggle to get grip to do the twist?) - This is the current setup.
    - Fitted training bars to get more leverage. Works great, still exhausting after an hour (other GT pilots I spoke to also fitted training bars for "turbulence" not for training)

    If I had to describe the handling in one word it would be lethargic, it feels like I'm on rails or driving a bus without power steering. I flew my friends GT, he has done a topless conversion and has the older non vented sail. The guy who did his conversion closed off all other vents.

    My buddies trim speeds are

    Slow (0 bars from the top) - 80Mph - can easily pull bar
    Fast (2 bars from the bottom) - 90Mph
    Stall around 40mph not as gentle but still good

    His handling is so much better and is very light in pitch (two fingers will do 100) and MUCH lighter in roll, you can actually pull bar even on slow trim. I don't want speed I'm happy with my speed range I just want to be able follow a river for more than 10 mins and tear up the skies with ease. I get a smile flying his, mine I'm happy to be grounded. His opinion of mine, is that I have way more lift and feels more "stable". "Stable" doesn't work when you flying outside of early morning or late afternoon, Stable appears to equal stiff. You will be flying straight one second then banked to the left the next - which is fine - like all trikes, but to get mine back straight - big effort. It's an effort to initiate a turn or reverse direction.

    Please see this as my personal experience I'm not bashing the GT in general - just trying to get performance close to what is marketed "light and precise" or hopefully close to what I had on my other trikes. My sail had only 5 hours on when I bought it - so I thought I would clock up some hours, it's been roughly a year now and almost 200 hours. I really don't enjoy flying mine. It feels like a big effort to get it "off the rails" so in bumps it feels like I have been bench pressing for hours with sore muscles days later. With my previous trike I had a similar speed range but light pitch and roll. I would fly between 10am and 4pm in 30C+ no problem - thrown around sure but easily corrected - more self control, no sore muscles. Bar in easily hit 90 with 2 fingers.

    Does anyone have tips I can try? Please I'm desperate.