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    Phil, Photo's might explain better the position & extent of the damage.

    If too large pics to show here, off camera or as standard J-peg - as you suggest is your case - then most photo prog's allow size reductions.

    If you have the ubiquitous Microsoft XP for example, usually a right click on the picture listing in your file will offer size reduction.

    However all I can imagine is that you mean the main spar tube at its root end where it fits into the mating stub tube on the forward top end of the fusealge is graunched.

    Probably best to talk to your inspector. The LAA publish a manual on regular repairs. It is generally a moder edition a bit like CAM 18 a 1940's US manual, with loads of repair schems for steel, skinning & wood. Structural Ali is trickier I think.

    [I do have its pdf at some 7,000 kb]

    Fabric patching by a well known Sail Co is possible if taken right off, or if minor tears the Rans forums have had discussions on how to.

    One was to glue on patches of the same type of material over the trimmed up tear. Small scuffs can be taped over with adhesive roll available in several widths and colours. Talk to one of the chaps who does wings or stick on numbers ?

    mike hallam


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      Phil I'll send it.

      Looks for sure like a new leading edge tube and wing rebuild. The U.K agent tends to be expensive, so if you know the exact Ali spec'n and dimensions (off the damaged tube) and the doubler sleeve, you might be able to get it repaired. Of course if comprehensively insured it's that sort of accident they should help with & then use the agent to rebuild the wing. In which case fabric too.
      The steel part looks weld repairable if a new piece is grafted in, though accessible it is an awkward juxtaposition.

      Meanwhile , I got this off a sailing friend. It might help others looking to repair slits tears and general fabric graunches, so passing it on.

      Today he had delivered as a roll, a large sheet of stickbacked fabric for Dacron sail repairs. He says he had to search hard for a supplier.
      He believes colours other than white are also available.



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        Cage welding will need to be done in accordance to AC43 .13-1B and 2B as a Repair through LAA.

        A CAA Welder needed.

        Below a few links to AC43.13