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Rans S6 rear mounted battery box

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  • Rans S6 rear mounted battery box

    if there is anyone that has a Jabiru 2200 engined Rans S6 with a rear mounted battery box and has instalation instructions for mounting the rear box could you let me have a copy please.

    Terry Viner

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    Rans S6 rear mounted battery box

    Scott McMillan has an S6 with the jabiru engine I can find out f it has rear mounted battery for you if you likewill be after he finishes work this evening as he is not allowed personal calls at work


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      Rans S6 rear mounted battery box

      Thanks William, appriciate that.


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        Rans S6 rear mounted battery box

        Terry, an ex-work colleague now retired and working on a Build-a-Plane project has written to you by e-mail at my request. I hope that the information he provides is useful.


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          Rans S6 rear mounted battery box

          Hi Terry.
          My Jab powered Rans S6 has the battery behind the pax seat.
          It originally had an early version of the jab with the small cylinder heads,
          but I've just installed one of the later engines now as part of my rebuild.
          I've left the battery behind the seat for now but I may have to move it further
          aft after it gets weighed. The C of G was quite near the forward limit with the
          older/lighter engine. I'm keeping my fingers (and everything else) crossed
          that it's still within limits with the new engine.




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            Rans S6 rear mounted battery box

            Just found this. When I got my S6 there was 3 kilos of lead in the tail. Had to fly it with forward stick pressure. Had the aircraft reweighed and realised that the last person/inspector had tried to get the CG correct with an empty aircraft.

            If there is no one in it, it doesn't matter where the CG is. Add the minimum 50Kg pilot weight to the equation and the aircraft was perfectly within limits, empty of fuel.
            Easy mistake to make, but I cannot imagine why he thought the aircraft needed to have a correct CG with no one in it???