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Noisy 582 engines?????

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  • Noisy 582 engines?????

    I am seriously considering buying my own Rans S6, I have flown in a great Rans S6 aircraft with a 912 engine and it was perfect.I loved it and want one, but I can only afford one with a 582 with a budget of 10,000 to 12,000.

    I have spoken to others who say that a 912 is a world away from a Rans with a 582... it went something like " if you get one with a 582, it will make your ears bleed, they are so noisy!" "you'll only go up for half an hour at a time, you won't be able to withstand anymore"

    Can anyone who has one, give me an input. Is it due to poor headsets or are they excessively noisy, or is there a way to retrospectively fit a soundproof barrier??

    Thanks Andy

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    Noisy 582 engines?????

    Hi Andy, I fly a 582 Rans S6 and its fine in all respects. Sure, it uses more fuel and goes a bit slower than a 912, but if like me you only afford the 582 just now I say go for it. You won't be disappointed.

    I've flown 2 hours in one go in mine and it was the sleeping ass that made me land rather than the noise!



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      Noisy 582 engines?????

      Hi Andy
      I owned a 582 Rans for 3 years and enjoyed every flight. Yes they can be quite "rattly" on the ground but in flight it was as sweet as. I used MicroAvionics headsets and found these to be very good with good noise suppression.
      I cant comment on the 912 in a Rans as I have never flown one with that engine. However, i can happily say that the 582 is the perfect match for this aircraft.
      I also found the Rans great to fly. You actually feel part of the aircraft and you do have to fly it.
      I once flew to Wellesbourne to meet my Brother in Law for breakfast. He flies Piper Archers. In the afternoon we went for a flight in the Spam Can and I thought "Hmm. This is pretty boring" When I departed Wellesbourne in the Rans, I had the biggest smile on my face and really enjoyed my flight home. Says it all really. :-)
      I sold the Rans last spring to a guy in Scotland, so flew it up to Strathaven on one of the most perfect flying days last year. I took off at 7am and was at my destination by 11.30 after having stopped at a lovely little airfield in the Lake District for a toilet break and to put a little fuel in. I only did this as a comfort blanket as it was more than capable of doing the trip with the two tanks topped to full.
      I have now gone back to Flexies out of personal choice and nothing to do with the Rans.
      I hope this bit of information has helped, and I wish you luck with your flying. Now all we need is some decent bloody weather! :-)



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        Noisy 582 engines?????

        Surly thats what headsets are help keep the din down....flown in a few 582 powered fixed as a pass....not noticed excessive noise....I fly with a screeming 503 just behind my head...fine with a headset.
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          Noisy 582 engines?????

          It may well be that in the installation that your informant had possibly the engine compartment suffered from resonance, with careful work much of that can surely be elininated.

          Admitededly most of my experiance of different engines has been in Thruster installations and I found a 582 gave a smooth humming noise at cruise, a bit like a turbine, a 503 (free air cooled gave a bit more of a crackle, but no problem with decent headsets. Quitest of all was the Jab with its slow revs where most of the noise is the prop. In that type of installation the only 912 that I have flown behind was in an X Air where total noise was not really less than a 582, just a different pitch.

          It is also possible that your informant had a noisy prop fitted, go on just enjoy yourself.


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            Noisy 582 engines?????

            I've flown for over 4 years behind a 532 which is almost a 582 and as others have said the noise is really not a lot of difference once the headset is on. Nearly 7 hours flying in one day coming back from France was really not an issue other than numb bum and long legs aching from feet positions on the pedals.

            Not sure what the 582 burns but the 532 in my Mistral does easily 10 litres per hour two up at 55 knots so no worse than a 912 other than slower.
            Graham Jefferies
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              Noisy 582 engines?????

              Have a Rans with a 582. Last year me and the misses flew to Bute via Strathaven from near Hull. Took abt 4 1/2 hours with the wind that day. Taught the misses safety pilot so while following the A66 let her take over so I could look out the window / take pics etc. Just approaching Carlisle aircraft goes a bit nose down and starts a tightish left turn.

              The misses had nodded off, flying the aircraft. Says a lot for how safe she feels and the noise cant be that bad can it?