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Honda BF52UL engine info needed

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  • Honda BF52UL engine info needed

    Hi all
    I've just joined the forum with the hope of finding some owners, or those with knowledge of the above engine. I live in New Zealand and as far as I know I own the sole example of this engine in the southern hemisphere! I bought it as an unused / new engine about twelve years ago, fitted it to a Bantam B22 but had a few issues with it such as leaking carbs, over heating and general lack of power for the application. After only five or so hours I removed the engine and have had it in storage since. I now own a Diehl XTC amphibian and I'm considering installing the Honda on it as a replacement for the 447.
    Is there anyone out there who may be able to offer some advice on this engine, in particular I need to solve carb and cooling issues?
    To make the engine suitable for the XTC I will also need to lighten it as much as possible; I'm thinking removing the electric start (and possibly fitting pull start?), lighten the flywheel and swap the gearbox over to a lighter Rotax B box.


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    Honda BF52UL engine info needed

    Hi Neil,
    I can`t see what type of Honda engine you need to know about but--
    There is a guy in our club who ran a marine based Honda engine on a Flash 2 alpha for years.
    I don`t think he is on this forum but the details are here-

    and the registation of the microlight is G-MTJC

    good luck


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      Honda BF52UL engine info needed

      Thanks for that Ian, I shall try and track him down.