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  • Raven for sale on Ebay

    Hello all,

    Just had a look at Ebay and guess what I found? Take a look at this; c

    Looks very neat paint job, and it would be interesting to see what the wing looks like. Ideal for SSDR methinks, and if I had the spare money I'd bid on it too, but having just bought one Raven the missus would definitely divorce me if I bought another one! Mind you, I'm sure there are those among you who think that would be a win win situation. :smile:

    Anyway the ad's only been up there for a short while and it's had 8 bids already, and it has no reserve so keep an eye on it to see how high the price gets next week.

    Best regards,
    XL's forever! Well, one of them anyway. It's all I can afford, not to mention the Raven and the Mini-Max. Oh, and I almost forgot the Spectrum as well :-)