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Shadow Tailplane Accident

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  • Shadow Tailplane Accident

    Hi Everyone

    Today I had an prang in my hangar - new hangar, bit tight vertically and horizontally and trying to do too much on my own for first time. As you are all far more Shadow experienced than me you by now will have guessed what I've done - caught fins on roof joist and (I think) bent tailplane leading edge tubes. They appear still to be round and the skins are not damaged (nor are fins) but I've put a straight edge on the tubes and they are not flat - and I think they should be.

    So, I'm after ANY advice please on how to go about assessing the damage and repairing it. Indeed I may even try to simply replace the tailplane both sides.

    So, any thoughts, advice, help anyone can give will be very much appreciated.



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    Shadow Tailplane Accident

    Friendly local inspector should take a look for you and advise ?? I've PM'd you too Terry. Good luck



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      Shadow Tailplane Accident


      A picture or two is always useful and actual measurements of the not flat bits with description of directions may produce more advice

      A word with Dannie Crosby or Fiona may help as well

      Best of luck


      What model and maybe take the tail off and put it on a flat surface to measure it with a weight across the mounting tubes to keep them flat on the surface.
      Mick Broom
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      Shadow G-MWTN


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        Shadow Tailplane Accident

        Thanks Mick. I was so annoyed with myself - totally avoidable - that I stormed off yesterday and din't check for any other damage. However, I have sourced a 'new' set of DD tailplanes so assuming my luck hasn't run out completely I will check a/c out fully over weekend and with no other damage I'll get the new ones next week. Thanks.