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  • G-mtkr

    Hello shadow fans.
    I bought G-MTKR 12 yrs ago, she had been re built from bits of 2 aircraft a few yrs before that.
    I have kept her in safe flying condition (ie. permitted) while normal 2 seat microlight and then as an SSDR for the last 3 yrs.

    She has done about 50hrs per year. One year she flew me to and from France (the middle, near Limoges) so she has not just been a hangar queen.

    I must move house from Cheshire to Yorkshire. At the moment I have good dry storage but in the future I cannot see how I can safely house her.

    So, I would like to see her go to a good home for maybe 1000 (I paid 6000 so she really owes me nothing.)


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    Hi Pete
    Good to hear of your Shadow adventures, but sad that you'll be parting with MTKR.

    My strong advice is to join the "CFM Shadow Aircraft Owners Group" on Facebook (free to join, just click the "Join" button. Then you can advertise your aircraft there. It is a very active group with many Shadow and Streak owners who have a wide network of aviation contacts. You will get lots of attention for your Shadow sale there.
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    PS: My free online library of Shadow/Streak technical documents has been shifted to a new web address
    (Please update your bookmarks/favourites).

    You're welcome to browse the Pilot's Notes, Manuals, SBs, TADS + mods,
    plus the Shadow flight tests and other information.

    If you have any of the 'missing' Streak, StarStreak or DD documents, then it would be fantastic if you could contribute them.
    Please contact me via my Fly Micro website.


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      Hi all!
      The problem is solved!
      You will all have seen the article in the Oct. mag. about the new charity "Get High...Volare"?
      So on Friday 5/10/18/ I flew G-MTKR to Wingland and donated it to them in the person of Tim Wiltshire - who promptly gave me a lift home. (A mere 120miles or more.)
      So now I am looking for a little foldable trike - until such time as I can find I am able to safely house a Shadow again -of course!
      A big thanks to all those who helped me with the operation of G-MTKR