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TST/T300 Tailplane

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  • TST/T300 Tailplane

    Does anyone have a spare port TST/T300 tailplane for sale?

    I've had mine off this weekend to address some corrosion and noticed that one of the welds was cracked. I've uploaded a couple of photos showing the area.

    There was evidence of some odd damage on the face of the tube opposite to the weld - two narrow dents. So it may be it was dropped or carelessly transported in the past. Normally that face is protected by the elevator leading edge tube so it seems a funny place to pick up casual damage.

    Incidentally, I was unpleasantly surprised to see how happily corrosion creeps under the powder coating of these chrome-moly tubes. The more paint I rubbed away, the more I kept finding! Even where the paint surface looked fine. I had decided to take the tailplane to a local workshop to get it blasted all over and re-coated, but thought I'd better do a visual inspection of the welds first. The crack was pretty obvious to the naked eye in a good light, and confirmed with a 10x magnifier and the dye test.

    Thanks for any help


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    TST/T300 Tailplane

    That's a typical fatigue crack, and almost certainly not caused by impact. Cromoly tube is particularily prone to corrosion, and measures should be taken to control it, especially internally.
    Phil (Thruster welder)


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      TST/T300 Tailplane

      Thanks Phil. Would it be a relatively easy job to repair the weld?


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        TST/T300 Tailplane

        I think you are all sorted now Tom.

        Nice to Chat the other day and to see the MGB in every day use.

        All the best