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TST Aileron torque tube

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  • TST Aileron torque tube

    Could somebody tell me what controls the aileron torque(which the control stick mounts to) tube end float, mine seems to have gained alot of fore and aft movement, about 10mm total back and forth when I move the control stick back and forward, seems to have happened quite suddenly.
    Would not have thought it could be normal wear to happen that quickly.

    Any Help greatly received


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    TST Aileron torque tube

    I have been trying to recall how it is put together as looking at it in the fitted position doesn't help much, but running from memory fdor what that's worth.

    The forward end of the torque tube has to the best of my recallection at least 3 tubes sleaving one inside another. It is unlikely to be the main internal one as this is held in place by the bottom two bolts of the stick mount, forward of that is another insert and another short piece mounted as a sleave, I'd suggest that the fixings to one of these has gone, I believe that these fixings are monel rivets.

    Sorry that I can't be of more help


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      TST Aileron torque tube

      Many thanks for that Ginge,

      That gives me some idea of where to start.

      Cheers Jonathan.