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  • X air and tall pilot


    I am thinking of buying an x air and am 6ft 3ins. Are there any tall long legged pilots with x air experience? Can you comment on comfort, ease of access etc to help me make a decision. If there is anyone in the west mids area who has one, would you be kind enough to let me come and sit in to see if it is comfortable and I can get in and out.


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    X air and tall pilot

    Hi Steve,
    I'm Philip and I'm 6'2" and I own an xair.
    Getting in and out can be done in 2 ways, crawling in on hands and knees and pulling your legs in before you sit down or moving one leg in first and than your bum to the other side to give you the leg room to pull your other leg in.... :-)
    Flying is ok, but wear a little loose clothing to give you your blood flow.
    I have no problems and like to fly my xair as it's great fun.
    I'm in the south east, but your welcome to come round.


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      X air and tall pilot

      Hi Steve, like Philip I'm 6' 2" and have no problems. Make sure you buy one with the "Wide door" mod though, I think most of them have this. It makes the bottom of the door slightly wider than standard. You can also pick ones up that have had the seat moved back - again an approved mod. My Xair has wide door but standard seat and I'm fine. My only [minor] niggle is that as my knees are a bit high I end up juggling my knee board around but that's all. My advice would be try the one you're going to buy just to make sure you fit and that none of the instruments catch on your leg or anything.

      Xair is a lovely airplane, love mine to bits and very comfy once you're in.

      M :smile:


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        X air and tall pilot

        Mark, you were talking about a mod that moved the seats back.
        Can you tell me more about that? How do I know if my plan has that mod ?
        To me it looks like the seat are back as far as they will go...
        Philip :turn:


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          X air and tall pilot

          I'm afraid I've not seen an aircraft with it. But I'm told it is available and consisted of some brackets that moved the seat position back a couple of inches. Best bet is contact the BMAA technical office.


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            X air and tall pilot

            Hi Mark,
            I've checked with BMAA Technical and they checked with Gordon @ X-air and for the standard there's no mod or bracket
            available nor is it possible to move the seats.
            You can move the pedals to make more leg room... and I've asked if that needed a mod.
            The answer I've received from the BMAA is as follows.:
            "From looking through the mod files we have no record of any such changes, so if it is an adjustment that can be made within the original design specification then other than an entry in the log book no other action would be required."
            Hope this helps and if you know or tried this, please let me know.
            Kind regards.


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              X air and tall pilot

              Ah ok, sorry about that Philip a red herring then. I've seen the pedal mod mentioned by Xair Australia and the seat mod was mentioned by a couple of people in the UK though as I said I've never seen an Xair with it. Best bet is try it for size. I fit OK but much taller and it'd be tight. The main problem if you're tall is your knees end up pretty high which can be a pain until you get used to it. I find my head is close to the roof with a headset on but clears OK.

              Kind regards M


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                Hi All,
                I know this thread is probably already dead but (for anyone reading as a reference it in the future) there is a mod available not to move the seats physically back but to make them slightly more reclined thus providing a [I]bit[I] more headroom for a tall pilot.
                Im 63 with a 35 inside leg and I carried out the mod (with approval) on my Xair.
                In order to justify the mod I used the illustration attached from the (non UK) Xair build manual dated 20th May 2009.
                It works for me BUT make sure you have long arms as those cockpit switches become even further away!
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