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    Hi all you Xair owners.
    Making plans for when I will be buying an Xair (not yet though). Was wondering if one of you ladies or gentleman could look under you seats and see whether you can move your seats forward a bit. I am only a little fella, I am having lessons on a Thruster at the moment, they have a bracket under the seat where you can move the seat forward about 1/2 inches. Fancy the Xair, would fancy them even more if the seats moved a bit!!!
    Appreciate your help/advice

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    Hi Terry,
    I’m 6’ 3 and had the opposite problem and ended up reclining the seats a bit more via an approved mod.
    I don’t think from memory that the Xair seats are able to move forward but you might be able to do the opposite of what I did to make them more upright.
    One of the biggest issues is that even as tall as I am the cockpit (dashboard) panel is a long reach away so make sure you can reach all of the safety critical ones when you are fully strapped in.
    Other than that it is a fantastic aircraft, much more comfortable than a thruster and great fun to fly.
    Good luck


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      Hi Richard
      Thanks for that.......on the look out for one now!!!


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        Good luck with your hunt Terry, I’m sure you’ve done your homework already but my advice would be try to buy one with good skins.
        I deliberately did the opposite in order to get a four stroke (Jabiru) engine for as cheap as possible and have just completed the full reskinning of the aircraft.
        It’s a lot of work particularly around the tail area (the kits come with the tails precovered) and took me 7 days working about 6-7 hours a day!
        If you are OK with the spanners then don’t let it put you off, it’s actually a huge bonus that you can get on the phone and order such parts direct from the factory unlike a Thruster for example.
        Whichever way you chose to go I’m sure you’ll love it, it’s a world proven, safe design which I always liken to an early Land Rover, simple, rugged and easy to maintain.
        Sure after a few years you might hanker after something fast and sleek but that will never give you such value for money and fun as an Xair.


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          Hi Richard
          Yeah! Exactly why I fancy one.