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Hovercraft Engines, Ironic that Skydrive started this way...

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  • Hovercraft Engines, Ironic that Skydrive started this way...


    Flying Fish Hovercraft have rebranded as British Hovercraft, they are now creating a series of videos showing how they modify a Briggs motor for hovercraft use. Interesting! Nice people to deal with when I've swapped emails.

    They donít use packing washers on their heavy steel toothed belt reduction drive but machine down the casing protruding lugs so the shims arenít needed, this is cool but leaves the K&N Air filter short of room as it moves the redrive back 4mm. Prefer the shim method on the one I've designed, as then the end user buying the reduction drive from Ace Aviation can just bolt it on without milling the casing.

    I hope they keep this up, thereís a good video of how they strip the 990cc 35hp NOTE! Itís got the prices at the end of the video.

    and this one of removing the governor on the smaller, lighter 627cc engine.

    At first it looks fiddly, but remember that you throw away all the tin parts, levers and springs of the governor, all not needed.

    It does show how simple the core engine is, I sawed off the governor weights on the camshaft and removed the governor shaft altogether.

    Interesting that they show fitting a camshaft that gives more horsepower but it retains the centrifugal decompressor rig (the little balls on the base of the cam lobes, and small operating weight, which on my Ďhotí cam were deleted)

    Wonder what source? Is it a regrind?

    Today did some engine testing, tied against a strong point, blew my woolly hat off! Must rig a spring balance to recheck the static thrust, as now the fuel system is sorted it is pushing so hard against a stop on full power you canít budge it backwards an inchÖ

    BMAA 5696

    "If anybody ever tells you anything about an aeroplane which is so bloody complicated you can't understand it, take it from me: it's all balls."

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