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Sigh for a Merlin (testing the Spitfire) Alex Henshaw

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  • Sigh for a Merlin (testing the Spitfire) Alex Henshaw

    Just re-read Sigh for a Merlin by Alex Henshaw. Highly recommended - an amazing pilot; I'd love to have seen some of the flying he describes.

    I've embedded a video - the first 1 min 20 secs is Henshaw in the Spitfire. in one part, he rolls the thing inverted about 40' off the ground, the engine quits and then he rolls it upright whereupon it bursts back to life again! Nerves of steel and rather above average piloting skills!

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    Sigh for a Merlin (testing the Spitfire) Alex Henshaw

    Huge testicles Mr H.He told me about his record breaking flight to southafrica once. His Mew gull was loaded to the gunnels with fuel(including a tank in the seat) so the C of G was so far back on takeoff that it was hugely divergent and almost impossibly so with the throttle closed, atleast untill he burnt some gas off. Unlike most record breaking flights however which usually only had to do one takeoff in this condition, he had to do five or six!!!!!!!.
    His scariest bit he reaconed however was his landing in eqitorian west africa on his way south. Hows this for hairy.
    5 and a half hours flight over dense rainforest by dead reaconing to find a french strip cut out of the jungle ( with no radio aids) which he found with less than 10 minutes before sunset, and it gets as black as your hat within a few minutes of sunset there.!!!
    Makes the hair stand up on my neck just thinking about it.
    As a by the by, a real Gent too.
    Pip Pip Ian


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      Sigh for a Merlin (testing the Spitfire) Alex Henshaw

      A very good read indeed. My copy is very well thumbed.

      One thing I would suggest though and that is to first read Alex First Book " Flight of the Mew Gull " as its a very good read too and is a build up to his second book " Sigh For a Merlin ".

      Flight of the Megul tells the Full story of the Cape record Flight. It starts when he was a Young lad and recordes his flight with his Dad and through to the Hay Day of air Racing which Alex took part in and won many. Anyway, you best read it before I tell you too much !

      Just my tupence worth.

      Mark Jones


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        Sigh for a Merlin (testing the Spitfire) Alex Henshaw

        I'll go along with that Mark, it really sets the scene before reading " Sigh for a Merlin" as well as being a cracking read on its own.