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'A Rabbit in the Air' - 1932

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  • 'A Rabbit in the Air' - 1932

    The final page sums it up for me......

    "I may not ever have the aeroplane of which I dream, my own 'plane which will be stowed away in a lonely barn between a hay-tedder and a horse-rake. When I do own it I shall neglect it for weeks at a time, but then one morning when there are big white clouds and the spring air is soft, I shall walk across the fields and unlock the barn door and there the 'plane will be, waiting for me. As I edge round it, a brown hen will fly up cackling from her clutch of eggs in the cockpit and I shall chase her away angrily. There will be a thick layer of hay dust over everything, sparrows will have dropped straws from their nests and have made messes on the wings.

    I shall prop open the double doors and lifting the machine by the tail push her out into the sunlight to look her over carefully. Then I shall swing out the wings and lock them, unhook and fold away the jury-struts and kick the chocks into place under the wheels. Then, after flooding the carburettor, turn the prop' over once or twice to suck in, switch on, and seizing the propeller blade, give her one good swing.

    As I jolt along, taxying into the sixteen acre field, I shall be all alone. There will be no one within sight, not one living thing to watch me and nothing in the sky except a lark or two. And then, when I've strapped myself in and turned into wind, I shall take off alone and unobserved into the empty sky."

    'A Rabbit in the Sky - Notes From a Diary Kept While Learning to Handle an Aeroplane' by David Garnett - 1932

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    'A Rabbit in the Air' - 1932

    Bimey !!

    I do have an aircraft but every thing except the bit about the Carburettor and swinging the prop could have been writing about me !!!

    I really must get out flying more instead of being in the workshop so much !!



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      'A Rabbit in the Air' - 1932

      David Garnett was a very interesting character, see
      Martin Watson
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        'A Rabbit in the Air' - 1932

        Great book, can be hard to get hold of but well worth the effort. :yeah: