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Stick and Rudder - 1944

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  • Stick and Rudder - 1944

    Eh Up,

    I know it's been reviewed before, but.....

    "Stick and Rudder" - writtain by Wolfgang Langewiesche (1944).

    I have just completed my conversion from NPPL(M) - (and did this from a flex-wing background), to NPPL-SSEA - and made the task all the more difficult by chosing to do it in a tail-wheel, a Citabria as it happens - and although I've passed the required tests, NST, GST, Ground Exams, etc., etc.. I'm still only just getting to grips with handling a tail-dragger when taking off, and LANDING!!!!

    In the first chapter - "Wings" - Langewiesche describes how "Flying is done largely with one's imagination!". The book concetrates on aircraft with what is described as 'conventional' landing gear, which in 1944 were by in large tail-wheel aircraft. I wish I had discovered this book sooner, as its written in easy to understand language, and as stated on the cover, it is "An Explanation of The Art of Flying".

    There is also a supplement by way of Chapter 18 - "Dangers of the Air", by Leighton Collins. This is a fascinating insight into what really goes wrong, and how and why accidents happen. In particular the real killer in flying - 'loss of control in turning flight close to the ground'.

    Well worth a read - I got my copy through Amazon.


    Rich D. :yeah:

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    Stick and Rudder - 1944

    I'll endorse that. The Bible for all Pilots, particularly tailwheel types. A good companion to this is the Thruster Students manual, written by the sadly missed Tony Hayes, and valuable to Pilots whether you have a Thruster or not. Click my link to find out more. :yeah: