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    The weather here in Ireland has been poor so far this summer for Weightshift Flying. There seems to be a constant wind, preventing me from going up into the Wild Blue Yonder. Any good days I'm either away with work or busy with Family. So to keep myself occupied I recently finished reading Chasing Ghosts by Brian Milton about his attempt at crossing the Atlantic by Microlight. I enjoyed the story. The red tape managed to win over on this one. Following on from previous adventures this attempt unfortunately did not bring success. But his account of the story is well told. I am sure he was a very hard man to work with or live with, but sometimes this type of personality with single minded dogged determination, mindlessly burning bridges with friends and colleagues along the way, is the only way that you can get some adventures done. Love him or hate him I found it a very good read and it kept me company whilst away with work. Plus my copy was an original hardback book from Amazon for less than 50p plus was signed by the author.

    A thumbs up from me.


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