Hello all,

Just finished reading Low Level Hell by Hugh L. Mills Jr. After reading Chichenhawk recently I thought nothing would top that book. However Low Level Hell was an amazing read and is highly recommended, Chickenhawk was fantastic, this book is another step up. Mills was an Aeroscout pilot in Vietnam, flying over 2,000 combat hours in idolised OH-6A Loaches. His job was to Scout out the Enemy and once found take them out. All the flying was done behind enemy lines and every flight put Mills in grave danger. He was shot down several times, was shot a couple of times still managing to fly the Loache home. He was awarded 3 x Silver Stars, 4 x Distinguished Flying Crosses, 2 x Bronze Stars for Service, 1 x Bronze Star for Valour, 3 x Purple Hearts, 72 x Air Medals amongst many more.
The action in the book makes it a proper page turner. As part of a Hunter Killer Team Mills flew his Loache with support from a Cobra Gun Ship. Mills and the Cobra would fly to the Target area and once there the Loache would spiral down from 1,500 ft to tree top level, where it would begin Scouting for the Enemy looking for anything which looked out of Place. As soon as he spotted the enemy the door Gunner in the back would start firing an M60 to take the Enemy out, this almost always made the Enemy return fire, and the Loache almost always took hits. The Loache would again fly over the Enemy contact several times to get a picture of the size of the force involved through the Jungle Canopy. Once Mills would have a fix on the main forces position he would have the door gunner throw out a smoke grenade. Then he would call in the Cobra to fire Rockets on the position, and once the Cobra had done its job Mills would fly back in again to check the situation. After this they would call in an Aerial Assault Force of around 26 Soldiers to mop up the area, at all times flying over head so as to direct the force into position and keep an eye on them during the Fire Fights. And at all times taking hits from enemy fire, but never leaving the fight.
One of the best flying books I have ever read. Get a copy. You won't regret it.