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FOR SALE Galaxy Microlights Clearance Sale

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  • FOR SALE Galaxy Microlights Clearance Sale

    Galaxy Microlights Clear out Sale ( No I am not Closing Down, Well, Yet ! )

    I need to have a major Clear out of all the USED parts I have here. To many parts lying about doing nothing.

    Parts don't seem to be selling for what they are worth so I have had to reduce the prices be lower than I really need.

    Its the last Chance before I Scrap lots of usable Stuff. Sadly its the only way I get at least something for it !

    Thruster TST, Thruster T600, X'Air, AX3, AX3 Skins Dacron and Ultralam, Quantum, Mainair Blade, C42, Thruster TST, T600 Skins, Rotax 582 parts, Rotax 503 parts, 912 exhaust stubs, Etc and much more.

    Give me a Call & I will see if I have what you want.
    I will then work out a price for you.

    No haggling, No Discounts or Price drops on prices I give they are already goinhg to be cheap. Collection or P+P at GOING RATE.

    Contact Mark Jones
    Contact Details 01985 841341 / 07841 614577