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    Hello again,

    Just to update you all on my reboring and honing service. I've bought a Van Norman 944 boring bar to join my Buma and the SPS mini. So I can now use the exact same model of boring bar I used to use all those years ago at Hartcliffe Engineering. This means I now have three boring bars, and if you go to my website at the following location you'll see them all lined up together.

    There are photos of the honing tools on there as well, along with some photos and short video clips of work I've done on the different pages. So please check out the website, and if you find yourself in need of a rebore or hone on any of your engine cylinders then contact me to see if I can help you.

    Best regards,


    P.S. When I posted this up I found that there was a message just here saying "404 not found". Which is odd, because when I click on the URL the website opens up. So please let me know if you can't get to the website from the URL and I'll try altering it to see if a different format will help.
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      Hi Bob, I'm hopeing to be able to get to you as soon as my "shielding" allows. I'd like you to check a couple of cylinders I have aquired to check that they are in spec. I have checked ring gaps and they look OK but the bores are a bit polished. If that's ok then a new set of rings and my spare engine the 503 Ole faithful will be ready for service again.

      I look forward to seeing you