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Youth in Aviation: YES Secretary and general Volunteers needed

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  • Youth in Aviation: YES Secretary and general Volunteers needed

    YES, the Youth and Education Branch of the LAA is short one comittee member and in need of a Secretary. You can get a flavour of what we don on the website

    We also need more hands on deck in general. Typical things involve manning the aircraft we take to shows to show kids round, helping demonstrate build techniques, talking about possible careers in aviation visiting Scout groups to help instruct for the aviation themed badges.

    It's loads of fun, you really get to open some eyes to the possibilities of flight and who knows, you may even do a bit for the future of our sport! Nothing like changing the minds of the locals about the airfield - from "that noisy place where rich buggers play with their toys" to "that place my kids had a brilliant time that day..."

    You can help generate goodwill and secure the future of our sport, have a load of fun with the like minded and inspire the next generation all at once!

    Drop me a PM or email for details if interested.

    NB: Yes I know the LAA is "the other organisation" but it's not a requirement that anyone be a member, I'm BMAA not LAA myself and on the comittee, and we work with loads of different organisation with similar aims.