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  • Council Objectives

    Given the recent inappropriate personal comments on in the "This Forum is Moving" I thought I would take a more positive approach in challenging the Council members and the BMAA.

    What are the personal objectives for the each of the Council members for this year?

    What are each one tasked to oversee, complete and deliver for 2011?

    What are the strategic objectives for the entire BMAA for 2011? The objectives that the whole Council is behind? CAA dealings etc?


    What are the operational objectives for the BMAA for this year? The objectives I guess that would be driven by GW and the employees.

    Not asking to be contentious, asking to see what the strengths are and what weaknesses there will be. Asking to take a grown up look at, do we have the right combination of skills, experience and the right personalities do do the tasks set to them? Do we have enough people? Are we under delivering and over promising? Is there just too much to be done and too high an expectation from the members of what its Council can achieve?

    The perception of the BMAA by its members is mixed but on the whole not positive, in some cases unfairly finger pointing at individuals. If parts are broken, then rather than mud sling what could be done to fix it? Without the name calling?
    What are the realistic changes that could be made? What as a BMAA member could you do to support the Council rather than bitching about them? What difference could you make?

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    Council Objectives

    I nearly missed this amongst all the froth and vapour on the other forums. Sorry.

    As this topic is important to the BMAA and to its membership, I'd rather see it discussed on the members only section of the forum. Even then, as a council member, I'd need to be careful about what I wrote because there are even some members who would copy my words into a public forum and present them in a negative light.

    I'd love to engage in a positive and constructive discussion with members who want to help, but I'm afraid experience has shown me that forums are not the way to do it. There are too many petty trouble-makers out there for whom our little sport is their playground.

    Perhaps the minutes published in MF are too cryptic for most members to see trends and progress. Off the top of my head, here is a brief summary of my personal understanding of the current objectives:
    1) remain financially sound during the current economic turndown without relying excessively on our reserves
    2) protect microlighting' existing privileges compared with other forms of sport aviation within the UK
    3) maintain good working relationships with the movers and shakers of sport aviation, mostly behind the scenes, both nationally and internationally
    4) continue to lobby the CAA and DfT for more independence in the regulatory sphere eg. the Time for Change proposals.
    ... and more, including providing the effective member services we all need, but I've run out of time, the kitchen timer for the evening roast has just triggered (real world interfering again).

    Further than that, raise this on the members forum and we can try to be a bit more open, but until we can trust all our members not to try to insult and embarrass us at every turn, we're not likely to be fully open in an archived electronic medium. Would you? I'd love to, but for the sake of the Association and my own peace of mind, I daren't.


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      Council Objectives

      Appreciate the reply Joan will close the thread and reopen it on the members side.