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BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

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    BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

    The whole point about DD or Due Diligance is the ability to bear to each other your soul to ensure that there are no surprises or hidden issues and it is generally done under a strict confidentiallity agreement, meaning neither party can talk about issues raised whilst under the DD third parties. If something is uncovered it is prudent if not legally and morally correct to address the issue before the next step can be taken. In a recent business sale during DD we had to suspend the sale for the best part of 6 months to resolve a problem before we could continue. It certainly does not man there are hidden agenda's going on, it is just part of doing business. It is obvious that something has been found that needs to be addressed and that is all we will probably know until after the merge has taken place, apart from gossip that is.

    There seems to be an incredible amount of distrust floating around with people looking for a smoking gun, Mike Hallam I would suggesthas read the issue correctly.



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      BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update


      What we are talking about here is the possible amalgamation of two clubs, which are also businesses, but their main purpose is to provide a service to their members.
      What seems to have happened is that one party has dropped the joint approach and has released to their members a confusing press release, in that it made a statement that threw up a series of unanswered questions. This may have been done without the knowledge of the other party.
      What should have happened was the release of an agreed joint statement, giving such facts as were allowable. This would appear not to have happened.
      We are not talking here about a secret business takeover, where there is a danger of competitors gaining an advantage. There was nothing secret in the discussions, and we all knew that they were taking place, although I didn't expect much news until a proposal was ready.
      The reaction that has ensued should have been expected by the LAA, and it shows a lack of expertise in negotiation that they failed to foresee it.
      This has nothing to do with DD, which I for one would respect, if that were an issue. I would suggest Paul, that you are too keen to wear a business hat, when, as you know in that world trust is a totally foreign word.


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        BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

        BMAA Chairman responds to LAA press release. Read all about it!

        Go to, open NEWS and read on.

        Geoff Weighell

        20:55 09-08-08


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          BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

          Hi Ted

          Points noted, BMAA news duly read and I would have to say I am dissapointed by the LAA stance. Having been through similar in business I would say the BMAA needs to push forward with what it does, recruit more members and grow in strength, I see the Microlight area of aviation as very much a growth area due to the ever increasing costs of GA.

          For those that follow this thread could somebody illucidate why the LAA act in this way.



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            BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

            Well at least we know where things stand now, and I cant resist a bit of "I told you so..."

            The only conclusion I can come to is that the LAA top brass are pratts. In contrast my admiration for the more professional approach of the BMAA committee and executive has grown considerably.

            Martin Watson
            Microlights in Norfolk
            Fixed Wing Instruction - Exams and GSTs - Revalidations
            07805 716407


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              BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

              What a bunch of jerks the LAA seems to have sitting on its council. And I'm a member (but thankfully never voted for any of them) - but NOT for much longer - my membership expires in December.

              Talk about missed opportunity. A couple of years ago, a huge majority of BMAA members voted against amalgamation (I was for it). Since then, our council have managed (if you can trust the views on these forums) to persuade a majority that it's the only route to survival. Brilliant! Well done all. (Like the government's attitude to nuclear power...)

              But now the LAA has p***ed all over us. I was talking in the hangar to a bunch of fellow PFAers (only me holding both cards) and expressed my suspicions that the LAA thought they could get away with taking on the BMAA membership as a sort of flexwing STRUT. Also that G-STYX was the cause of their sudden volte face. This was before reading Keith's missive and having it confirmed.

              Each of our committees blames the other for this mess - but they would, wouldn't they? Committees were ever thus. I now know which organisation I shall support (even though I'm almost as cynical about its management). But only if they desist from stupid competition with the LAA.



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                BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

                Thanks to Geoff and Keith for a very well constructed report on the amalgamation proceedings.
                I can understand the frustration that all the BMAA negotiators must feel, at the amaturish behaviour of their opposite numbers in the LAA. It smacks of an intervention by non negotiating LAA people, who may have been getting worried that their negotiators might give away too much. Maybe you were talking to the Organ grinder, but the Monkey talked to the LAA committee.
                Anyway amalgamation is well and truly dead - G-STYX was just an excuse to stop the talks, so it's back to business as usual and the turf war resumes.
                I have the unhappy knowledge that I have been right about everything that has happened - and I so much wanted to be wrong.



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                  BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

                  I am a long standing member of the LAA and I am very disappointed in the way things have gone over this issue.

                  Peter Harvy (Chef Executive Officer LAA) and Stewart Jackson (Vice President LAA) are attending a meeting on the 1st Sept 7:45 pm at;

                  The Plough
                  Main Street,
                  Normanton on Soar,
                  Telephone: 01509 842228

                  The meeting is open to non LAA members, but may be an opportunity to ask questions and better understand recent events; it is however not primarily about this issue.


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                    BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

                    Now that G-STYX appears to be finally settled will the BMAA be going back to the discussions with the LAA to reconsider amalgamation of the 2 organisations which stalled earlier this year.


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                      BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

                      Why ?,

                      I never thought that an amalgamation was what it was really all about, because in the real world the weaker organisation is always absorbed by the stronger - this is a fact - but I stopped commenting on the issue to give the negotiation a chance.

                      It transpired that far from just sounding out the views respectively of the BMAA and the LAA, as the original information of the 29th May had intimated, the proposals had gone way beyond what I saw as their terms of reference, and covered such issues as the abandonment of the BMAA name, and the retention of everything LAA.

                      The talks finally foundered, when it became clear to our negotiators from the response of the LAA committee, that the real intention of the LAA was a takeover - the STYX issue was never an issue that would have stopped an honourable organisation from drawing up proposals.

                      If the LAA had ever been interested in an amalgamation, they would have joined in drawing up a mutually agreed set of proposals, which would have been put to the members of both clubs, for implimentation when the STIX case against the BMAA had been resolved, or the summer of '09, because it would have taken that long to prepare both organisations for such a move.

                      They walked away from the table, not because of the STIX issue, but because it had become obvious that their plan to take over the BMAA was not going to work, and the STIX thing was just a handy excuse. An honourable organisation would have joined with us in talks and would have been on target for an amalgamation in the summer.

                      It was only ever a pipe dream, in spite of the expressed desire for an amalgamation form both groups of fliers, and who needs them.


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                        BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

                        I suppose some of you are either unaware of, or haven't checked up a little before shooting off.

                        The below copy letter from your Chairman was posted on the LAA forum (BB) by your own 'BJ': Thu Dec 18, 2008 9:19 am.

                        From it, it would appear the LAA have other litigation against them to resolve first. In any case rather then highlight reasonable issues, some paranoic postings appear intended to sabotage goodwill or at least offend the more pragmatic majority of members sufficiently to upset a measured approach.

                        The real need for combined effort is against common dicta imposed on us by external all powerful Quazi Government Organisations, which both the BMAA, the LAA and other similar organisations are continuously fighting for all of us.

                        The official open letter BMAA to LAA is as follows.

                        Dear Roger

                        A bit of Christmas cheer for you; the G-STYX matter has been
                        settled. As soon as you are able to put your own similar litigation behind you we welcome further discussions on the future of our two strong

                        Clearly our thoughts at this time are with the families of the two
                        people who lost their lives in the tragic accident. Nevertheless, I take this opportunity to wish you, the LAA EC and all members of the LAA a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



                        Keith Negal
                        British Microlight Aircraft Association


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                          BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

                          At airfields you rarely see BMAA Members hurling spears and rocks ant the LAA lads, you rarely get resentment and suspicion when asking a mate if you can borrow his socket set. far from it, aviators tend to help each other out and epitomise the expression 'Band of Brothers.'
                          Why is it then when it comes to taking common sense practical approaches to sharing information, co-operating and generally fighting the fight together the higher echelons of the respective so called ''Members Associations' get into an almighty pickle and all the old hatreds and prejudices come out.
                          It is time for all of the grass roots fliers to push aside this political nonsense and get rid of the businesses (BMAA Ltd, LAA Ltd) or whatever they are called to ensure that an enthusiasts members association is the ultimate outcome. A true members association geared up to represent the interests of all recreational pilots and aircraft owners. Get rid of the commercial protectionism, get rid of the CAA enforcer tags and allow all fellow aviators to embrace under one true members association.
                          Irrespective of what some may say about differences - we all share the same airspace and we all want the same things - I say look for the 'ins', the positives - don't look for the 'outs.'
                          Streaking - It was good for me..............


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                            BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

                            Looks like your own 'BJ' is already queering the pitch by throwing rocks on the LAA forum. [However sweet he may sound on this side.].

                            I don't know what his real intentions are, as they are cloaked under a persistent belligerent tone.

                            Mike Hallam.


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                              BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

                              mikehallam wrote:
                              Looks like your own 'BJ' is already queering the pitch by throwing rocks on the LAA forum. [However sweet he may sound on this side.].

                              I don't know what his real intentions are, as they are cloaked under a persistent belligerent tone.

                              Mike Hallam.

                              As a member of the LAA surely BJ is allowed to show his own point of view. I thought his response to the attempted wind up by one of the other posters was very mild. At least I hope it was intended as a wind up and was not unthinking arrogance.


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                                BMAA Amalgamation with LAA - News update

                                Quite right, Ginge,

                                He stated he's a member of both LAA & BMAA & free speech abounds. I agree there are many more aggressive postings then his, but his recent attacking style though atypical doesn't appear to have a constructive purpose.

                                Admittedly it's less offensive to me than your treasurer's psyche forces on ths forum, but curiously defective just the same.

                                Unfortunately neither of them ever compare favourably with the diplomatic and constructive works of the BMAA Chairman (or in fact your moderator).

                                Mike Hallam