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Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

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  • Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

    Hello people.

    I've been reading the microlight pilots handbook 7th eddition by Brian Cosgrove and what an excelent book it is too.

    However, the one small critisism is that there's a lot of acronyms in the book and no explanation. There should be an acronym guide in there.

    Anyone know of an aviation acronym guide on the web I can download and print out?

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    Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

    Not downloadable I think but easy to refer to ......


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      Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

      :jumpin: Found one.... god google is good. How about a sticky Mr Admin?

      A & P - Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic (USA).

      a/c - aircraft.

      A/D - aerodrome.

      A/G - air-to-ground

      A/P - airport or autopilot.

      aae - above aerodrome elevation. Also see aal.

      AAIB - Air Accident Investigation Branch of the Department of Transport.

      aal - above aerodrome level. Also see aae.

      ab initio - literally 'from the beginning', elementary flying training.

      abm abeam - an aircraft is abeam a point when that point is at ninety degrees left or right of the aircraft's track, but term usually used to indicate a general position rather than a specific point.

      AC - alternating current.

      ACARS - Aircraft Communication Adressing and Reporting System.

      ACC - Area Control Centre. And ACZ Aerodrome Control Zone. See ATZ below.

      accelerate - stop distance- calculated distance required for an aircraft to accelerate to V1 (which see), reject take-off and brake safely to a halt.

      ACMS - aircraft condition monitoring system.

      ACR - aerodrome control radar.

      AD - Airworthiness Directive, issued by airworthiness authorities to correct a defect found in an aircraft type after certification. Compliance is mandatory and may be required immediately and before further flight, within a specified period of time or number of flying hours, or when next due for routine maintenance.

      ADA- Advisory aispace. Advisory Area or Advisory Route.

      ADC - air data computer.

      ADELT - automatically deployable emergency locator transmitter.

      ADF - automatic direction finder/finding. Radio compass which gives a relative bearing to the non directional radio beacon to which it is tuned.

      ADI - attitude deviation indicator. An advanced type of artificial horizon, part of a flight director system providing pitch and roll information and commands.

      ADIZ - Air Defence Identification Zone. An area of airspace extending upwards from the surface, usually along a national boundary, within which identification of all aircraft is required in the interests of national security.

      ADR - Accident Data Recorder.

      ADS - Automatic Dependence Surveillance.

      ADT - Approved Departure Time.

      AEF - Aerodromes Environmental Federation.

      Aerad - UK published flight guide and navigational chart system.

      aerodrome/airport elevation - highest point of an aerodrome's usable runway(s) expressed in feet above mean sea level (amsl).

      AEW - Airborne early warning

      AFB - air force base, usually U.S. or Canadian.

      AFCS - automatic flight control system, an advanced autopilot. Also IFCS, integrated flight control system.

      AFDS - Autopilot and flight director system.

      AFI - assistant flying instructor. Also AFIC, assistant flying instructor course, FIC, flying instructor course.

      AFIS - Aerodrome Flight Information Service, providing information to, but not control of, aircraft using that aerodrome. Also AFISO, AFIS officer, and AGO, air-to-ground operator.

      AFS - Aerodrome Fire Service.

      AFS - Aeronautical Fixed Service telephone/teleprinter network, includes AFTN.

      AFS - auto flight system.

      AFTN - Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunications Network. A ground based teleprinter network transmitting flight plans, weather information etc.

      agl - above ground level.

      AHRS - attitude-heading reference system. A sensor deriving aircraft attitude and heading information from gyros and accelerometers.

      AIAA - area of intense aerial activity, usually military.

      AIC - Aeronautical Information Circular. Bulletins issued at intervals by the CAA relating to matters of airworthiness, administration, operating procedures, safety etc. AICs are colour-coded according to subject, e.g. safety circulars are pink, thus 'Pink 12' issued in December 1990

      AIDS - Airborne integrated data system.

      AIP - Aeronautical Information Publication. The UK Air Pilot, statutory bible of aeronautical information published by the CAA.

      Airep - form for reporting position and Met conditions in flight.

      Airmet - CAA's telephone aviation weather service, covering Southern, Northern and Scottish regions of the UK. Also Metdial and Metplan, privately-operated aviation weather services. For full details see Pilot, February 1991.

      AIS - Aeronautical Information Service. CAA unit based at London Heathrow Airport, providing flight planning services and information for pilots. Publishes AICs, above.

      AIZ - Aerodrome Information Zone. See ATZ below.


      [b][color=#333333>UK uncontrolled airspace below FL250.


      [color=#333333>TSO]- Technical Standard Order. A standard established by the U.S. FAA for quality
      control in avionics, instruments and other airborne equipment. If it complies, equipment
      is said to be 'TSO'd' and is more expensive than similar non-TSO's equipment.

      TVOR - terminal VOR. A low-powered VOR located at or near an airport and used as an approach aid.

      TWR - Tower (aerodrome control tower).

      TWY - taxiway.

      Tx - transmitter.





      [color=#333333> Vne - never-exceed speed, 'redline speed' denoted by a red radial on an ASI.


      [color=#333333> Vxse - best engine-out angle of climb speed.

      Vy - best rate of climb speed on all engines.

      Vyse - best engine-out rate of climb speed, 'blueline speed' (blue radial on ASIs of light twins)

      - design manoeuvring speed. The speed below which abrupt and extreme
      control movements are possible (though not advised) without exceeding the airframe's limiting load factors.

      VAL - visual approach and landing chart.

      var - variation (magnetic)

      VASIS - visual approach slope indicator system. A coloured light system providing
      visual guidance to the glidepath of a runway.

      VDF - very-high frequency direction-finding, whereby an aircraft's bearing from a
      ground receiving station may be determined from its RT transmissions.

      vdu - visual display unit.

      VFR - Visual Flight Rules. Prescribed for the operation of aircraft in visual meteorological
      conditions (VMC).VMC is generally defined as five miles visibility or more and 1,000 feet
      vertical and one nautical mile horizontal clearance from cloud, but variations apply to
      aircraft operating below 3,000 feet amsl. Special VFR (SVFR) clearances are granted at
      the discretion of ATC for VFR flight through some controlled airspace where IFR usually apply.
      Also CVFR, Controlled VFR Flight.

      VHF - very high frequency. Radio frequencies in the 30-300 MHz band, used for most civil
      air-to-ground communication.

      vis - visibility.

      VLF - very low frequency. Radio frequencies in the 3-30 kHz band

      VLF/Omega - worldwide system of long-range navigation using VLF radio transmission.

      VMC - Visual Meterorological Conditions. See VFR, above.

      Vnav - vertical navigation.

      Volmet - continuous recorded broadcasts of weather conditions at selected airfields.

      VOR - very high frequency omnidirectional range. A radio navigation aid operating in
      the 108-118 MHz band. A VOR ground station transmits a two-phase directional signal
      through 360. the aircraft's VOR receiver enables a pilot to identify his radial or bearing
      from/to the ground station. VOR is the most commonly used radio navigation aid in private
      flying. Increased accuracy is available in Doppler VORs (DVOR) which have replaced
      some VOR is the UK[color=#333333>operating VFR.

      VSI - vertical speed indicator. One of the primary flight instruments showing rate of climb or
      descent. Also IVSI, instantaneous VSI.

      w.e.f. - with effect from. Also w.i.e., with immediate effect.

      WAAS - Wide Area Augmentation System (in USA)

      wake turbulence - wingtip vortices generated behind a wing producing lift. Behind a large heavy aircraft they can be powerful enough to roll or even break up a smaller aircraft.

      WAT - weight-and-temperature

      wind shear - localised change in wind speed and/or direction over a short distance, resulting in a tearing or shearing effect, usually at low altitude, that can cause a sudden loss of airspeed with occasionally disastrous results if encountered when taking-off or landing.

      WIP - work in progress.

      WP - waypoint.

      wt - weight

      Wx - weather.

      WX NIL - no significant weather, term used in Met reports.

      xmsn - transmission.

      xpdr - transponder.

      zero - fuel weight maximum permissible weight of an aircraft beyond which an additional load must be in the form of fuel (i.e. max take-off weight less total usable fuel in applicable aircraft, which are so limited because of the wing-bending moments associated with near-empty wing fuel tanks).

      zero - timed overhauling an aero-engine to 'service limits' (not the same 'good as new' or factory remanufactured).

      Zulu or Z - used worldwide for times of flight operations, formerly Greenwich Mean Time, now Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC)


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        Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

        Brilliant Vince :smile:


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          Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

          You forgotgot most imporatant one...


          reserved for x-nav exercise


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            Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

            FUBAR? please explain...


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              Can't tell my VFR from my QVC



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                Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

                And SNAFU.


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                  Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

                  Don't forget SWMBO....
                  BMAA 5696

                  "If anybody ever tells you anything about an aeroplane which is so bloody complicated you can't understand it, take it from me: it's all balls."

                  R.J. Mitchell :- Designer of the Supermarine Spitfire


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                    Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

                    Isn't it a good job that we all remember that lot :rofl:



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                      Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

                      Reggie Bender wrote:
                      Don't forget SWMBO....
                      SWMBO is not a flying acronym. It is a not flying acronym. Unless you are really lucky. :smile:


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                        Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

                        Or under instruction from Joan Walsh...
                        BMAA 5696

                        "If anybody ever tells you anything about an aeroplane which is so bloody complicated you can't understand it, take it from me: it's all balls."

                        R.J. Mitchell :- Designer of the Supermarine Spitfire


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                          Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

                          Reggie Bender wrote:
                          Or under instruction from Joan Walsh...
                          Or Fiona, Sandra, Rosemary, Anna and maybe some others that Iv'e not heard of ;-)



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                            Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

                            I'll add those to the list guys. I already knew SWMBO, she's made it perfectly clear, and I know which side my bread is buttered on.


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                              Can't tell my VFR from my QVC

                              I hope you 'cut and pasted' that. Wouldn't like to think you had nothing better to do !!