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When is the flying season?

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  • When is the flying season?

    All year round, subject only to the vageries of the weather. Having said that, there are many who prefer to fly only in the sommer months. Conversely, there are those who swear by winter flying, as the lack of thermal activity makes for still air, and the low temperatures cause the air to be more dense then usual, resulting in a more efficient engine and more lift generated by the wing for a given angle of attack and speed.

    Most of the time, it's not about what time of year it is, but is dependant on how hard the wind is blowing, how good is the visibility and what the weather is going to throw at you during your flight.

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    When is the flying season?

    As a mere student (of advanced years!) I expect to fly all year round but mostly in the winter (me & wife spend most of the summer cruising the canals). As Steve says, its all to do with weather and this winter has been simply awful, mild but wet and windy. However given a good flying suit, winter flying is wonderful - excellent visibility during those cold frosty days and enhanced aircraft performance. You do need to wrap up warm though, hence the comment about flying suit. I find it is the feet and hands that get cold quickest. Good thick socks and windproof boots (longjohns also recommended 'cos they keep your feet warm indirectly by allowing warm blood to reach your feet). Good gloves essential although my Quantum has bar heaters - just thin gloves required worn within the mitts attached to the bar.

    Go for it!