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MAS: 7 CAP 725 Transparency

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  • MAS: 7 CAP 725 Transparency

    [3]Modernised Airspace Structures[/3]

    7 CAP 725 Transparency

    The Airspace Change Process (CAP 725) requires a sponsor to set out the impact of the proposal on other airspace users in the Operational Report as part of Stage 4. This includes a statement on the operational impact on other airspace users but this report is not released in the public domain. The other airspace users never know the basis of the airspace decision as it relates to their operation. During Stage 7, the Operational Review, they do not know what impact has been accepted in the proposal so have no baseline from which to challenge the airspace. Moreover, if in the future they propose to remove airspace set up in this way, they are not allowed to see the baseline impact that was accepted in the original decision.

    The CAP 725 process should be transparent throughout.

    LAA discussion here