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MAS: 1 Critical areas for VFR recognised in airspace policy

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  • MAS: 1 Critical areas for VFR recognised in airspace policy

    [3]Modernised Airspace Structures[/3]

    1 Critical areas for VFR recognised in airspace planning policy

    Within the UK FIR there are areas that are critical to VFR flight, either because they provide the conditions needed for air sports, some to World Championship standard, or they are essential for military or civil training or provide VFR routes joining or around centres of population and the more open areas of the FIR. They connect airfields used for VFR operations and provide international VFR connectivity. These areas are mainly over the UK landmass including the inshore waters and islands with connections to Ireland and the near continent.

    Presently there is no categorisation of these areas and when an increase in CAS is proposed, they have no particular recognised value; they are considered to an available resource for commercial development. In this regard the airspace change process does not have the safeguards provided for land planning such as the Significant Areas for Sport recognised by Sport England and by the sport governing bodies of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. That is not to say that the recognition of such areas is sacrosanct but that their proper value would be recognised in national airspace decision making. FASVIG would then need to identify and propose areas for inclusion.

    There are 2 elements to this package:

    To properly protect Critical Areas for VFR operations for the future a published process for definition or areas and connection to the Airspace Change Process would be developed. By this means alone, the VFR community would become engaged and constructive in future considerations of ACP proposals as it could be demonstrated that the change process would take them into account.

    To ensure that critical areas are safe and efficient for VFR traffic today they would be reviewed and proposals for change made in alignment with these overarching ATM principles.

    LAA discussion here

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