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    The plan is to have the first ever fly in at Druridge Bay, Northumberland. The Bay is 7 miles long and is one of Britains best kept secrets. We plan to have three goes at this with the first go on the 9th-10th July, then 16th-17th July and finally the 23rd-24th July. The middle weekend there will be a chance to do a beach landing. The Fly In will be in a field directly adjacent to Druridge Bay Country Park which on a good day can see 3000 visitors. We will be raising a few quid for charity with a donation of your choice to the Forces Childrens Trust see [url="[video=youtube_share;reZHg8tXsBM][/video]"]

    You]. More details will be posted on this forum. This is a NORTHERN AVIATORS production.

    Paramotors and footlaunchers very very welcome!!!! :jumpin:

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    1. Introduction

    The Druridge Bay Fly In will take place on the weekend of July 9th-10th or the alternative dates of 16th-17th July and 23rd-24th July. The event is a Northern Aviators organised event and will be open to Light Aircraft, Microlights, Autogyros, Paramotors and Powered Hang-Gliders.

    2. Aim

    The aim of the weekend is to give pilots/passengers the opportunity to enjoy a fun event, land in a farmer’s field which is directly opposite Druridge Bay beach and to give support “The Forces Children’s Charity Trust” This charity supports children who have lost a father or mother who have been killed on operations whilst serving in the Armed Forces.

    3. Concept and General Idea

    Druridge Bay is a 7 mile stretch of sandy beach in Northumberland and is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Druridge Bay Country Park is situated within this area and has a café and toilet facilities. The Fly In will take place in a farmer’s field at coordinates N55 17 56 23 W001 33 58 45 directly adjacent to Druridge Bay and only 400 metres north of Druridge Bay Country Park. On one of the planned dates (16th-17th) there may be an opportunity to do a beach landing within the Country Park itself which includes a large area of beach.

    Alternate Weekends

    If the weather forecast is poor then we will have two more alternative weekends to run this event these are the 16th-17th of July and the 23rd-24th July 2011. The decision as to whether to go ahead for the Fly In will be taken on the Thursday evening beforehand. This decision will be posted on the relevant LAA/BMAA websites. As always we need to be flexible.

    There will be no landing fees but all we ask is that you make a donation of your choice to the Forces Children’s Charity Trust upon landing at the control point.

    Safety Issues

    On a good day Druridge Country Park can get up to 3000 members of the public visiting. Pilots are to take extra care when starting up and taxying both in the field and on the beach if we use it.

    If the beach is used then Marshallers are to ensure that members of the public do not wander onto the beach landing area or get to close to active aircraft. We will only use the beach if we have enough Marshalls and safety staff at hand.

    Pilots will spend a short time over the sea in the circuit and should therefore wear lifejackets as appropriate. In the unlikely event of a ditching in the sea by any aircraft in the first instance the coastguard should be informed on tel no 01262400037 (Humber). They will then activate RNLI station Amble to assist and RAF Boulmer Sea King if necessary. Normal 999 procedures should also be followed.

    4. Execution General Outline

    As with all aviation events the Fly In is very weather dependant. In the event of a poor weather forecast then the event may be curtailed to one day. Flexibility will be required by all participants for the fly-in weekend. The aim of this letter is to have all planning factors in place so that minimal further planning is required prior to the Fly In.

    A temporary Control point will be set up and manned for the duration of the event in the field. This will provide airfield information via hand held radio to all incoming and outgoing aircraft.

    Advance Party
    An advance party will depart early morning by vehicle to set up the strip and establish communications and set up a control point with air band radio for communication with incoming aircraft. The advance party will include all event staff including Event Organiser, Radio Operator, Safety Officer, Safety Vehicle, Fuel Run Vehicle, and Marshalls

    Main Body
    The main body i.e. attending aircraft will arrive once the landing strip has been established and adhere to information for landing given by the control point. No aircraft are to land at the strip prior to it being operational.

    Attendees can camp in the field overnight and food and refreshments will be served including a breakfast meal if required. This will be from the Control Marquee which will be set up prior to the event.

    Toilet Facilities
    Are situated within the Country Park a portaloo may be used on the field.

    Druridge Bay Country Park personnel will be providing BBQ Facilities on site. The BBQ may be taken over by Directing Staff after 5pm to provide further food. The BBQ may be located on the beach in the evening depending on weather.

    5. Coordinating Instructions


    Final Briefing for Directing Staff 0845hrs
    Road Party Departs for Druridge Temporary Strip 0900hrs
    Landing Area set up 1030hrs
    Comms Checks 1040hrs
    Landing Strip Operational and open 1100hrs
    Fuel Runs to Amble available on landing from 1300hrs

    The Landing Strip

    The landing strip is on private land and is bordered by a public road and then the beach to the east. The strip is orientated runway 03 & runway 21. The strip is on flat pasture and is approximately 550 metres long. It has easy road access at the north east corner of the field. There are trees bordering the south end of the strip which are approximately 15-20ft high. At the extreme north end of strip it gently slopes down to a ditch.

    Beach Landing Area

    The temporary landing area may set up on Druridge Bay on the weekend of 16th-17th July directly opposite the strip. Pilots are advised to land at the strip first and have a look at the beach landing area prior to landing on it. The landing area will be marked using dayglo markers and flags or similar.


    All circuits to the East of the beach i.e. over the sea thus avoiding overfly of sensitive/built up areas.

    All aircraft to join overhead at 1200ft QFE
    Circuit height at 800ft QFE

    If Wind Direction Westerly = Circuit to East L/H
    If Wind Direction Easterly = Circuit to East R/H
    If Wind Direction Northerly = Circuit to East R/H
    If Wind Direction Southerly = Circuits to East L/H

    All Pilots are to avoid flying directly over the Nature Reserves North and South of the Strip as per the Google Maps photograph. These are easily identified as they are both small lakes. Please note that it is okay to overfly the lake within Druridge Bay Country Park but not the lake directly south of it which is one of the nature reserves.

    A temporary windsock is to be set up at the strip and the beach landing area (if used) location under the direction of the Event Safety Officer.

    Actions On

    Action on Control Radio Failure- all approaching aircraft are to call blind whilst approaching/leaving or in the circuit. All pilots are to be vigilant for other aircraft in the area. Be vigilant for other aircraft when joining overhead. This is particularly relevant with slow and fast moving aircraft in the circuit.

    6. Service Support


    Staff from Druridge Bay Country Park will be running a BBQ for the event. There is also a café within the Country Park which also sells food. This is about a 10 minute walk south from the field.


    There will be mogas at the temporary strip and no Avgas. Those pilots wishing to refuel for Avgas should do so at Fishburn for those travelling from the south. Mogas fuel runs will be made to Amble approx. 2 miles away.

    All participants are to have a minimum of 3rd party insurance giving at least the minimum coverage required by aviation law. All pilots attending this event are responsible for their own actions and must be not do anything to endanger others. The organisers cannot accept any responsibility for any damage to aircraft attending the event and pilots attending the event must conduct their own risk assessment before coming.


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      Due to weather forecast this weekend we are postponing the fly in. There is an issue in that the grass in the field has become a little long as it has not been grazed due to a broken fence so we may delay the fly in even further. Will update in due course once we have ironed this out and firm up on dates.