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Independent Paramotor Survey

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  • Independent Paramotor Survey[/U]

    Please feel free to contact me if there are any questions.



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    Independent Paramotor Survey


    I thought I would provide an update to the survey so far.

    There's been nearly 200 complete responses with many additional suggestions for new questions.

    I've managed to make contact with some paramotor forums in the US and the response there has improved.

    ParamotorMag have kindly offered me three 1 year subscriptions to their magazine, to give away as a thank you for completing the survey.

    I have decided to use this offer to give 1 subscription to a respondent in each of the major geographic regions (US, EMEA & APJ). This is a generous offer and produces a dilemma in so far that the survey is mostly annonymous.

    I'll figure out some way to do it. suggestions welcome.

    To those that have completed the survey, many thanks for taking the time. If you've not as yet completed it please take 3 minutes out of your day.

    it's now deemed so successful that I have to pay to analyse all the results. I'm happy to do this and there is still ZERO cost to complete the survey.

    I genuinely feel this type of survey will yield results for all Paramotor pilots and selfishly help me to make a choice for my own procurement.

    You can take the survey at the following URL

    Happy to answer any questions and welcome any/all suggestions.

    thanks again



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      Independent Paramotor Survey

      over 200 completed now. Great response but only a fraction of the user base or
      indeed the people who've viewed the request.

      C'mon folks, spare 3 mins of your time. It will help me no end and may actually
      benefit us all by telling manufacturers and dealers what WE the customer want.

      Thanks again to EVERYONE irrespective of whether you've actually replied or not.
      The fact you've had a look is very much appreciated.

      keep the question suggestions coming

      Have a great weekend


      and don't forget the guys at ParamotorMag have given me three, 1 year subscriptions to their magazine. It doesn't matter if you already have a subscription they'll just extend it by another year.