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Paramotoring in France

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  • Paramotoring in France

    Hi folks, I have just joined the forum.
    Does anyone know if and how the regulations are different for paramotoring in France?

    I have been told that you have to use a recognised airstrip rather than any field with landowners permission.

    Cheers, Alan

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    Paramotoring in France

    Hello Alan and Jeremy,
    I have only flown to Calais, so also have a limited knowledge of French rules; I could mail Reg Whittall who was a student of mine and is both an English instructor in France, and a Lawyer to boot, so he must be able to tell us chapter and verse.
    I remember hearing that you can't just set up and fly from any field with land owner's permission as we can here, and that you must gain the permission of the town Mayor, and then that site becomes sort of approved.
    In France most towns seem to have their own municipal airfield that any citizen has a right to use... I gather; though again I have no detailed or personal knowledge.

    I would like to know what the rules are for flying light trikes in France, with regard to permits and licencing; and even more, what are the rules for British citizens taking their UK illegal light trikes to France to get a chance to fly them?
    Mark P................