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The LH-10 at SPLASH 06

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  • The LH-10 at SPLASH 06

    Having seen the LH-10 at the SPLASH show I was intrigued as to whether the figures listed on the brochure actually match the reality of the aircraft, so being mildly interested in the aircraft Jean Charles Devynck suggested I visit the factory to see and fly the aircraft and that I should contact him when he returned to France to arrange such a visit.. Well here is the latest correspondence with some interesting NEWS.

    Jean-Charles Devynck

    LH Aviation

    Sales Manager

    Aérodrome de Merville

    F-59660 Merville


    Tel: + 33 328 42 89 43

    Fax: +33 328 48 25 51

    Cher Jean-Charles Devynck,

    Suite à notre conversation à l'exposition d'ÉCLABOUSSURE à Birmingham je voudrais vérifier la disponibilité pour venir voler le LH-10. Je peux organiser le prochain excédent n'importe quand donné assez de notification et voler avec votre pilote de compagnie, je suis disposé à acheter un si je peux obtenir la certification du CAA au R-U et celle les caractéristiques de décollage et d'atterrissage sont comme réclamé sur la brochure. Veuillez me contacter avec d'autres détails et je m'inciterai disponible pour voler avec votre pilote

    Respect sincère


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    The LH-10 at SPLASH 06



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      The LH-10 at SPLASH 06

      I envisage being inbound to Little Snoring on Thursday, but time unknown...text me your mobile number and I will call you with an ETA

      Seeing as my trip is over 1000nm I cannot calculate times at specific airfields due to weather & winds. I intend leaving Locarno on Wednesday morning and would hope to be at least in Reims by sunset Wednesday and then leave early Thurs for LS.


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        The LH-10 at SPLASH 06



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          The LH-10 at SPLASH 06

          On the 1st trip that our mutual friend came on we were still in Porto when we should have been in Portimao, so I missed that ETA by 24hrs and he missed the Porto-Portimao leg (easyjet took him home)... the 2nd trip we did arrive 2mins 30secs before our ETA. Speak to Snowy Switzerland now !!!!