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  • Behaviour on the forums

    Dear All

    These forums have several moderators who until now have been able to take a back seat and not get too involved thanks to our forum administrator Steve.

    We are very grateful to Steve for all his work, long may it continue, but personally I feel that he is now having to put up with and deal with, far more than is reasonable for one person therefore I intend to be more active on these forums as a moderator.

    I would ask you all to post using your real names and please avoid personal attacks. If a post offends you, write to Steve or myself or any other moderator and let us deal with it.

    It is very sad that, as is always the case, a few are spoiling it for the many.

    Lets get back to making these forums a pleasant place to be where we can chat with friends about our chosen hobby.
    Best Regards

    Ewe avterrr larf