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  • Rans S9 or S10

    I'm looking for users' gen. on how the Rotax 503 Rans S9 performs in truth [or its bigger two place brother the S10].
    Also where there might be one I could see/buy.

    Any help gratefully accepted.

    Mike Hallam :tongue:

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    Rans S9 or S10

    Hi Mike, Dunno much about the S9, I have flown a couple of S-10s though, both Rotax powered, one single ignition 532 and the 582 model, which is a bit quicker. If you don't mind the fuel burn, you can get nearly 100 mph out of it. They're highly responsive to control input but an absolute PIG for crew visibility. Having shoulder mounted wings, the B****y wing leading edges are in the way when you're in even a gently climb, and you can't see over the nose either so you have to keep clearing the nose ( 'Avinagoodlook' ) on a regular basis in the ascent. If you are a fat little b****r like me turbulence can be uncomfy as there are two airframe reinforcement tubes coming out of the panel centre in a "Vee" towards each cockpit wall, these knock yer ribs about a bit when it's bumpy. That's about it for the down side, oh, apart from the fact that you can't see anything when you are landing, you have look at the runway on downwind, then carefully remember where it was when you get closer. You can't use a booster cushion to sit on, as your head will press against the canopy plexiglass, and if you then turn your head either way to get a good peripheral view of the ground coming up,...the headset will rotate 90 deg so that it covers your nose and mouth. But after all that tey're great fun and they're CHEAP ! !


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      Rans S9 or S10

      Thanks for the honest appraisal.

      There are only two, I think, S9's in the UK. One owner was going to tell me about his, but hasn't yet come up with anything, he was rebuilding it I think.

      I was really after a quicker a/c than my S4 but like two strokes & the 447 is a great little motor, hence looking for a 503 which is similar. tried for a Shadow as well, but it fell through

      Now I've gone & bought an S6 with Rotax 912, needs TLC but it's settled my dilemma.