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Support: Help accessing tor using these forums

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  • Support: Help accessing tor using these forums

    If you have registered but have NOT received the confirmation email, I can guarantee the problem with not be with this forum, but will be one of the following:

    1. Your mail software is classifying the registration mails as spam or junk, or

    2. Your ISP has a mail filter that is doing the same thing

    Mails from this board seem to be sent from address, although they are actually sent from You will need to ensure that is not on the junk senders list, and that mail where the reply-to address differs from the true from address is not treated as junk.

    Please do NOT use the support feature on the main web-site to raise a support ticket. :nono: These forums are provided free of charge to the BMAA :scool: and as such are unsupported, except by me when I get a chance. If you do raise a support ticket, the TSA auto-responder will send back a mail saying it has been received and will be looked at soon - however, our support staff will actually simply delete the email.

    So, if after reading this you still need help, please post a message to the 'Website and Forum help, feedback and requests' forum, which is in the System category at the bottom of the main screen. Often, another forum member will reply before I do, because they're a dead helpful bunch on here. Of course, if your help request is to do with being unable to logon - you won't be able to post a message to the forum, but that's OK, because I wouldn't be able to do anything to help anyway :tongue:

    Hope you manage to figure out your registration email problems ;-)

    Regards, Steve